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Rape hypocrisy and blame game in India

In India there is a lot of hypocrisy and blame game surrounding rapes. No one is justifying rape here but Indian non-Muslim women simply don't want to take any kind of responsibility what so ever and they only blame others. Blaming others is not going to solve the problem.

The attitude of Indian non-Muslim especially Hindu women is very stubborn  and irresponsible:

Attitude #1
We will wear anything we want, we can even roam naked on the road and men shouldn't even
look at us.

Dressing with responsibility and modesty  is needed in India.
This is an ambivalent attitude of women, they amble wearing skimpiest of dresses but don't expect to be watched by unpleasant person but they want to be ogled by selected men whom they like.
Everybody will see the chicken with same eyes, its like showing a red rag to a bull and expecting it to be calm and composed, its the nature no one can control, ask yourself ,don't you feel amorous when u see an extraordinary handsome guy, if its not happening seriously its time for medical checkup.

Its funny, saying we will wear anything we want but don't stare at us is biggest paradoxical statement I have ever heard.
You think men are feeling-less eunuchs, when they see a woman in figure revealing clothes, they don't feel anything or get provoked ? The word “provocative clothes” can you think into why it
 was named so ?

While wearing clothes, for both men and women, as per the very natural instincts they will always think that how the opposite sex would find them- attractive, beautiful, hot etc. Now here is the point, if the opposite sex would not find them attractive they would be highly disappointed. So subconsciously or consciously they would want the Men to look at them. Its obvious that the men would look at the revealing body parts as it attracts them. Thinking is something which we cannot predict, as both men and women sometimes may have wrong notions about each other by seeing the appearance, for example; a guy wearing sleeveless t-shirt or an undershirt outside, would be considered by lots of women as showing off his body or a hoodlum. which may not be the case. thinking inside the brain we cannot change. There is a lot of hypocrisy in India.

Hindu girls surely wear clothes to please themselves and also to attract the attention of other men, no girl can ever deny that (except for those who are lesbian or homosexual), but still if men look or feel  aroused, they will quickly judge them, paradoxical. Knowingly sometimes they would arouse or provoke men but then as per women, men should not look or pass comments. Its a fact that sometimes some non-Muslim women really like to show off their body same as like some men. Here women can look pass comments and have fun and even tease, but if a man looks then its an insult for them and as per women, men should not do that, this is really contradictory.

So this is the logic of Indian non-Muslim women - "I will wear a micro mini skirt even to the extent that u can see my undergarment but you will not get aroused, its not meant for you, I can dress up the way i want."  So does she dresses up like that to please herself or her female friends?  See how hypocrite, double standard and contradictory Indian non-Muslim women are.

It seems as if now Indian men before leaving their homes everyday should pray to God that please don't show me girls in less clothes as it diverts attention and causes hormonal tides which could get us in trouble. Its not easy for a decent person to control his amorous thought, he has to fight really hard to avoid spiking testosterone and adrenalin level.

Attitude #2 
Indian non-Muslim women say drinking does not cause rapes.  They justify drinking, going to
bars and pubs.

Now this is what such women need to look at.
These are statistics of USA, a country which they try to copy.
Drug use, especially alcohol, is frequently involved in rape. A study reported detailed findings related to tactics. In 47% of such rapes, both the victim and the perpetrator had been drinking. In 17%, only the perpetrator had been. 7% of the time, only the victim had been drinking. Rapes where neither the victim nor the perpetrator had been drinking were 29% of all rapes.
So even in a country like USA most of the time rape occurs when either the victim or the perpetrator or both the victim and the perpetrator are drunk. In many cases in India too we have seen that the rape victim was drunk.

Attitude #3
They say 'we can roam on streets even at 1'o clock at night and and no one can stop us.'

Sure no is stopping you but even if the police or anybody else advises them not to roam on the streets after 11'o clock they get fumed. See the stubbornness here.
This is not Europe this is India and Indian roads are not safe at night, all kinds of criminals and junkies roam on roads at night and its absolutely impossible for the police to secure each and every inch of the city and to keep an eye on every single person. Non-Muslim girls don't understand the situation and behave irresponsibly and when they get raped then every one starts blaming the police and others.
These girls are trying hard to copy western culture. In Europe and USA I have seen there is very little difference between day and night as opposed to most Indian cities which remains totally shut at night and looks like ghost cities.

Attitude #4
Putting all the blame entirely on the police and others involved.

Non-Muslim women in India do not even accept 0.1% of the mistake. Sometimes it also becomes the responsibility of women not to be in places where there could be a threat like roaming on streets at 12' o clock, going to pubs and bars especially at night.
You are trying to confront a basic feeling with which people are born with – hunger, thirst, a need to be recognized, carnal pleasures etc.. are needs of a man. You can't say I will put an aromatic Biryani in front of a hungry person and yet expect him to move over and blame him entirely for trying to have at least a spoon of it.
The blame is shared,  men for trying to have something not his, and the person who put it in front of him to have incited the act.

Attitude #5
Close minded and stubborn attitude.

These girls say that they are very open minded but actually they are closed minded because they don't want to change themselves they say they can do anything they want they can even roam naked on the streets and wear anything its their choice. They justify all the immodest and dirty activities like drinking, going to pubs and bars etc and yet expect no one to even look at them.
They  don't want to change themselves and even if someone advises them to dress decently and be modest they get raged and on the other hand they want men to entirely change themselves, shows how closed minded they are. Its like 'you do everything and I will do nothing and still I will get all the salary'.
They are not willing to even take a single step to change themselves, learn some modesty in dressing and change their attitude in public but they expect men to change their basic nature and walk hundred miles.
Change cannot take place overnight they also have to take some steps otherwise the problem can never be solved.

Attitude #6
Indecent protests and blame game.

Non-Muslim girls in India carry out indecent protests, Slut Walks are on a rise. These kind of protests are not going to solve the problem except spreading indecency.

The Delhi gang rape protests looked like anarchy. Initially the protests were peaceful but later it  became violent, protesters even killed one police man. 99.5% Non-Muslim people were protesting against Congress government and asking for the rapists to be hanged. But government doesn't have the power to hang anyone. It is the job of the judiciary. They even demanded changes in rape laws which again is not in the hands of the government and cannot be done overnight, its in the hands of the parliament. So the logical thing would have been to protest outside the parliament and Delhi high court.
Every country no matter how democratic it may be tries to suppress protesters. USA and countries of Europe are very harsh on such protests. The congress government was very patient and lenient that they allowed protests to continue for so many days in spite of the protests causing law and order problem, disrupting transportation, death of police man etc...
The rape victim and her boy friend were wounded and unconsciously lying on the road side for hours. People who saw them did not do anything, they just watched them and moved ahead. So people who saw them didn't even call an ambulance, for hours they were lying on the road side. That was precious time for the victim, the rape victim could have survived had any one called the ambulance instantly.
Why didn't the protesters protest against those people ? Hypocrisy isn't it.  They protested against the Congress government as if the government was god like and controlled everything.  Congress government handled the situation very well, their hands were tied government can never punish any one its the job of judiciary and congress doesn't control judiciary, its a separate institution but those goons were protesting and threatening the government to hang the rapists, how absurd when government doesn't have the power to do so.
Protesters should have attacked the parliament, overthrown the constitution and then hang the rapists instead of protesting against the Congress.

Slut Walk is useless, it started from Canada and USA and it couldn't the problem there how can it solve the problem in India. USA is still the country where highest number of rapes occur.
In such protests they only blame others like hypocrites using vulgar comments and fail to put forward any kind of solution, blaming others is not going to solve the problem.

Attitude #7
They try to copy western culture and what people in the west do.

Even their dressing sense has become entirely western and all the things like going to bars, discos and drinking  has also been copied from them.
This is what they need to look at.
USA is a country where most number of rapes occur. It is a country where they say women have a lot of freedom but USA is at number 1 position as far as rapes and sexual crimes are concerned.
India is at the second spot but USA is too far ahead of India in terms of rapes followed by some European or non-Muslim county.

In United Kingdom, according to a news report on BBC One presented in 12 November 2007, there were 85,000 women raped in the UK in the previous year, equating to about 230 cases every day. The 2006-07 British Crime Survey reports that 1 in every 200 women suffered from rape in that period. It also showed that only 800 people were convicted of rape crimes that same year, meaning that less than 1 in every 100 reports of rape led to a conviction.  According to a study in 2009 by the NSPCC on young people aged between 13-18, a third of girls and 16% of boys have experienced sexual violence and that as many as 250,000 teenage girls are suffering from abuse at any one time. 12% of boys and 3% of girls reported committing sexual violence against their partners.

No Muslim country like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar  etc.. is in the list of top ten. Women in these countries cover themselves, dress modestly and are under the blanket of  great sharia law which is the safest for women.

Our noble Quran rightly pointed out in Quran Surah 4 verse 34 - Men are maintainers of women men have the right to instruct them and don't let them disobey and go to towards the wrong path.
Arrijalu qawwamoonaAAala annisa-i bima faddalaAllahu baAAdahum AAala baAAdin wabimaanfaqoo min amwalihim fassalihatu qanitatunhafithatun lilghaybi bima hafithaAllahu wallatee takhafoonanushoozahunna faAAithoohunna wahjuroohunnafee almadajiAAi wadriboohunna fa-in ataAAnakumfala tabghoo AAalayhinna sabeelan inna Allaha kanaAAaliyyan kabeera
Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

As we have seen non-Muslim Women are hypocrites so are their men. Hindu men are supporting their women in dirty slut walks and Quran surah 9 verse 67 tells the truth about hypocrites.
Almunafiqoona walmunafiqatubaAAduhum min baAAdin ya/muroona bilmunkariwayanhawna AAani almaAAroofi wayaqbidoona aydiyahum nasooAllaha fanasiyahum inna almunafiqeena humu alfasiqoon

The hypocrite men and hypocrite women are of one another. They enjoin what is wrong and forbid what is right and close their hands. They have forgotten Allah , so He has forgotten them [accordingly]. Indeed, the hypocrites - it is they who are the defiantly disobedient.

The country which they try to copy so hard  ie; USA is at top position in terms of rape.
They even copied Slut Walk which is a western concept. Slut walks couldn't solve the problem in USA how can it solve the problem in India.

Indian non-Muslim women, especially Hindu women have to change themselves and shape themselves according to India and not thy to imitate the west.

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change." - Dr. Robert Anthony
When you blame others, you give up your power and responsibility in a situation. You are making yourself the victim. .


  1. Very nice post muslim bro it show the reality

    1. As a Hindu woman, I feel very safe with my muslim bf and in muslim locality. I also dressed in typical Hindu clothes but my BF has helped me dress right. I don't mind, it's for our own good.

      (YahooMessenger chat ID: hind_laxmi)



    (Police said Gulzar was arrested…)
    SRINAGAR: A 42-year-old self-styled Sufi dervish Gulzar Ahmed Bhat was arrested on Wednesday byJammu and Kashmir police for raping and sexually abusing several young girls at his religious centre, Khansahib in Budgam district.
    Gulzar Bhat, who went by the name Syed Gulzar, ran a residential institution for girls which offered short duration courses in religious studies. The self-styled dervish used to promote himself on local TV channels and publish promotional advertisements in local newspapers.

    The scandal came to light when one of Gulzar's disciples, Imtiyaz Ahmad Sofi saw him indulging in a sexual act with a young girl. Police said Gulzar was arrested after four girls recorded their confessional statement before the court of the sub-judge in Budgam on Tuesday.
    Police said at his centre with over 500 girl students, the self-styled god-man had been repeatedly exploiting the girls sexually on the pretext of "purifying" them. The charlatan had employed a few women who would motivate the girls to please the godman.
    SP Budgam Uttam Chand said that the police were looking for two of his close associates - Abdul Gani Ganaie and Bashir Ahmed Mir. DSP Bashir Ahmad of Khansahib said that a local court on Wednesday remanded Gulzar Ahmed Bhat to police custody for 15 days to investigate the case. He said that medical examination of the victims had confirmed the allegations. "There is ample evidence to prove that the accused is involved in exploiting innocent girls. He is fully involved and there is no doubt about it," the police officers said.

    (File photo of self-styled Sufi dervish Gulzar Ahmed Bhat)
    The confessional recording of a victim reveals that Gulzar used to lure girls and women and later on with the help of his cronies assaulted them sexually. A victim from Pampore said that every new entrant was being persuaded and guided by a female employee Shakeela Bano of Lolipora. She claims that after her admission into Gulzar's religious centre, Shakeela took her in a room and advised her to serve 'Peer Sahab by heart if she wanted to get rid of her miseries.'
    Another victim said: "Noor Mohammad, who served as Gulzar's Aamir-e-Aala, lured me to the centre. I was asked to enter 'Hujra-i-Pak' (Gulzar's personal chamber). As I entered, Molvi Gulzar ordered me to shut the door. He looked into my eyes and said, 'Marriage is not important for the propagation of religion. Wherever I will touch you that part of the body will not burn in Hell. Mein noor houn tum aag ho, noor aag say miley ga to poora noor ban jaey ga. Then he looked at me with scary eyes and I lost my conscience, my eyes were watching everything but my body was unconscious when he took me to bed."Gulzar would "manipulate the verses of Quran to motivate the girls into sex”.

  3. Since women is just an object for you guys.. lets take below comparision

    buy an nice expensive car
    keep it at home,
    cover it from head to toe
    do not take it out anytime without the cover
    if you take out people will see it, get exited, want to touch it... poor guys the car is tempting them, its car owners fault for taking it out and getting all the feelings in the guys.
    If you take it out and it got dust, mud or scratch on it... it is the car owners fault for taking it out without a cover.

    Wah what an islam

  4. The reason islam grew in the last century is that the west was occupied with the cold war. To those who claim that islam is the fastest growing, I want to refer them to an article written by a muslim shiekh entitled : Christian missionaries sweeping the islamic world : , written by Shiekh Salman Al-Odeh . Young muslims have the duty to wake up and realize that the islamic world lags behind every body else , and that the only chance for them to cope with civilization is to look at islam as a form of social reform movement of historic nature , and not as something from God they have to follow as is .This way they will become open minded and their life style will be more accepted to rest of the civilized world.


  5. Rapes in Islamic countries seem lower because they aren't reported. A lady that reports a rape can be thrown in jail. How about teaching men not to rape instead of teaching women how not to get raped.

  6. Contrast with Muslim views.

    Attitude #1
    Any woman not wearing a burqa is ours to rape. Muslim men do not have the self-control that Allah gave to pigs, and it is a woman's fault that all Muslim men are rapists.

    Attitude #2
    Any woman who gets drunk is ours to rape. Muslim men do not have the self-control that Allah gave to pigs, and it is a woman's fault that all Muslim men are rapists.

    Attitude #3
    Any woman out after dark is ours to rape. Muslim men do not have the self-control that Allah gave to pigs, and it is a woman's fault that all Muslim men are rapists.

    Attitude #4
    Putting the blame on the victims, who are yours to rape. Muslim men do not have the self-control that Allah gave to pigs, and it is a woman's fault that all Muslim men are rapists.

    Well, you see where I'm going with this.

  7. I could break each and every one of his excuses there but the post would be huge... so I'll tackle one. "Attitude #7" is what I will tackle.

    Reported rapes is not a valid indication of how much rape is actually going on. If a woman in many Islamic countries was raped by a intruder in her own home as she wore a Burka. She would still face possible prison time, lashes, or even death. For her own sake it would be better for her not to report her own rape and obviously for those reasons few would dare to.

    Even if America has a rape problem (though I would say any amount of rape is a problem) another factor is population. Obviously a high population will averagely see more crime. This is why cities are mistakenly judged as more dangerous. When you have a higher packed amount of people it can create the illusion of more crime when the criminal/civilian ratio could be the same as lesser populated areas. The reason why India ranks 2nd and not 1st despite population is again that is a place that generally does not make it easy for women to report it (although not nearly as bad as Islamic countries) this is why it has become such a heated subject over there and people are pushing for it to be changed. Also I am sure Sweden and Belgium do not lack anything that America has and doubt their women act radically different, which clearly shows my population point.

  8. USA is rape hub of the world

    1. You're thinking of Mecca.

    2. you are thinking of

  9. Blaming the victim is a tactic that only the guilty use.

  10. i always think its facinating, in places where women are told to dress responsibly, to wear burkahs ect. Where they arn't allowed to go in public without a man, where they are considered property...

    These countries are always at the top of the rape charts. these countries are where crimes against women are by far the most common, and least safe.

    If dressing like this is supposed to protect women, why does it fail 100% of the time?

  11. Recently I read an article about sexual harassment in one of the Arab countries where Sharia law prevails. Does the resident women wore hijabs too sexy? To be honest I was surprised at the number of women who do not ples to report abuse.

  12. So, how many non-Muslim women did you see roaming naked? How many non-Muslim women wearing short clothes did you see being molested? Let me tell you bro, even if a woman is roaming naked, no one gets a right to rape her. No woman is available to rape because she is wearing short clothes.

    Your writing shows your mentality, culture and upbringing. I am sure if by mistake you see your sister naked, you rape her too.

    So, when are you writing about the prestigious Arab Spring?

    Do you have anything to say about this?

    There are many girls getting abused in our own religion than non-Muslim women? Did you ever raise voice against that?

    I am so happy that my Hindu boyfriend respects my religion and never forced me for conversion to get married. He taught me the correct way of life and how to respect my own thoughts. His family is nice too.

    YahooMessenger chat ID: muslimah_nafisa

  13. Raping is normal with Muslims. ..this is just an excuse for their rapes

  14. What a load of bullcrap!!!

  15. I am very angry because of your this public display of stupidity so is it okay if i slap you?