Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Court Frees Muslim Man who married A 17 Year Old Hindu Girl

In a wise decision court frees the Muslim man after he married a 17 year old Hindu girl because the Hindu girl willingly out of her free will eloped with the Muslim man as she loved him moreover she had converted to Islam and was in a legal nikah marriage with the Muslim guy.

The girl had eloped with the man on July 9 last year, following which the two started living together after performing ‘nikah’. Subsequently, a missing person report was lodged by the girl’s mother at Kalyanpuri police station in east Delhi.

The judge cited two previous judgments — Delhi vs Umesh at the Delhi High Court, decided on July 21, 2015, and Shyam Kumar vs State in a lower court, decided this year. In both cases, it was established that the minor girls left their parents’ house and entered into a relationship with the accused, hence ‘no offence’ of kidnapping or sexual assault could be made out.

Stating that a 17-year-old minor had ‘converted’ from Hinduism to Islam when she performed ‘nikah’ with an adult man last year, a Special Court in Delhi has acquitted the man of rape and kidnapping charges.

The girl had eloped with the man on July 9 last year, following which the two started living together after performing ‘nikah’. Subsequently, a missing person report was lodged by the girl’s mother at Kalyanpuri police station in east Delhi. The family said they ‘suspected’ that that some unknown person had ‘allured’ her, following which a kidnapping case was registered which turned out to be false as usual we see this in many cases where Hindu girl elopes with Muslim guy and the parents of the girl accuse the Muslim guy of rape and kidnapping which always turns out to be false after the girl's statement who loves the muslim guy and does it out of her free will.

Married Hindu Woman Elopes with Muslim Man as Hindutva goons resort to violence

It is said that the Hindutva goons resort  to violence and intimidation to hide their impotency which is a true fact whether in this case or other cases where they allege so called love jihad.
The Nandoli village of the Gunnaur area saw communal tension after a Muslim man eloped with a married Hindu woman on May 9.The two of them are still missing.

After the incident the Hindutva goons burned down Muslim houses as Muslim families left the village.

The enraged family of the married woman constrained the boy's mother in their house for one entire night. Though she was let go in the morning on May 10, violence erupted in the village as the news of the elopement reached other villagers. The villagers torched the houses of the minority community.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, some people damaged a motorcycle belonging to a member of another community.

The security has been tightened in the village and many security personnel have been deployed in the area. "No one will be allowed to vitiate law and order," said a police officer. 

The fact is that Muslims are brave, they don't fear anyone except Allah. Muslim men are ready to go to any length. Nothing can stop Hindu women and Muslim men from coming together.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Hindu Muslim couple denied hotel room

A hotel in Bengaluru turned away a Hindu-Muslim couple and refused to give them a room as the husband was a Muslim and his wife a Hindu.

Shafeeq Subaida Hakkim and Divya DV, a couple from Kerala, were in Bengaluru for some official work. They needed an accommodation to stay but  refused a room at Olive Residency on Annipuram Main Road in Sudhama Nagar. 
The receptionist at the hotel said that a Hindu and Muslim cannot live together.
The receptionist went on to make his point saying that he has instructions not to give rooms to Hindu-Muslim couples as there may be problems.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Frustrated Internet Hindus

Ruchika posted on her twitter taking a dig at the fake Times Now report on love jihad.

It did not go very with with the internet Hindus who usually get fumed seeing most of the Hindu girls on the opposite side.

An internet hindu saying Our (Hindu) girls are bigger wh***

This one asks "is your boyfriend also a Muslim."

Shoaib, her very good friend.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Massive protests against Hindutva Cow Terrorism

The protests in India against the Hindutva goons has reached the international stage with protests marches now being organized in countries like USA, UK, and Canada.

Thousands pledged to hit the streets this week in support of the campaign, “Not In My Name”.

The complete list of the venues is as follows:

Delhi: Jantar Mantar

Kolkata: Dakhinapan premises, next to Madhusudhan Mancha, Dhakuria

Hyderabad: Tank Bund

Thiruvananthapuram: The Secretariat Junction

Bengaluru: Bangalore Town Hall

Mumbai: Promenade, Carter Road

Pune: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue, near Pune Station

Boston: Harvard Square

Chennai: Gandhi Statue on Marina Beach

London: SOAS University of London on Thornhaugh Street

Chandigarh: Sector 17

Toronto: 356 Bloor Street East (Sherborne and Bloor)

Karachi: Outside Karachi Press Club

Lucknow: Gandhi Park, GPO

Patna: Outside Kargil Chowk

The Hindutva groups termed these protests as a conspiracy to defame Hindus while the truth is that a large number of Hindu women were a part of this protest, the same hindu women who they want to protect against the so called love jihad.

A Hindu girl and a Muslim Guy Protesting Against Hindutva mobs

shabana azmi and kalki