Saturday, 22 August 2015

Does radhe maa the item girl

 Even after the release the video and pics exposing radhe maa still she has thousands of devotees
Radhe maa dances and flaunts her body tells her bhakts (men) to pick her up on their shoulders.

She indicates it was wrong for people to comment on the type of clothes. Flaunting and revealing their body is deeply rooted in hindu culture.

Modi forced to lick gulf boots and bhakts forced to praise

The modi bhaks who used to talk about gulf petro dollars coming into India and used for conversions and other activities are forced to praise him as he visits UAE.
The bhaks will support anything which he does.
Now the bakts wont say he doing ass-kissing.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Artist Akram Hussain Krishna painting with gopis in bikini

Akram Hussain from Assam paints Lord Krishna in a bar with bikini-clad gopis
The painting is offensive to  the Hindutva brigade because its made by a Muslim. Nudity in hindu culture is not something new the kamasutra paintings and explicit nude sex painting in some of their temple is a proof of that and Krishna with semi naked women is looking much more decent than those erotic paintings on the walls of Khajuraho templ.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Indian nurse dies after 42 years in coma

Indian nurse dies after 42 years in coma. 
Failure of stupid laws made by the Hindus. Under Islamic laws the criminal would have got death punishment.

Hypocrite Indian laws made by the Hindus.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Teenage pregnancy among hindu girls on a rise

In Mumbai
Abortions among under15 Mumbai girls up 67%Abortions among teenage girls below the age of 15 in Mumbai have recorded an alarming 67% spike in 2014-15. Civic data accessed through an RTI further shows that out of nearly 31,000 women who opted for medical termination of pregnancy, 1,600 were below the age of 19.
I find it hard to believe the logic of the hindu author in the above article saying 'sex education is needed' I am not hearing it for the first time here, as if sex education in the US is able to solve the issue of teen pregnancy there. Its even worse in the US in spite of so called sex education. Not a surprise since most hindus would accept anything which is western even if its trash. There is a dire need for a good Muslim leadership in this country.

Its not even a surprise if during their holy days of navratri pre-marriage pregnancy can rise up then let alone normal days.

Just a year ago a hindu girl named Sneha (19) got pregnant with my friend Yasir Ansari's (22) child. Yasir got her abortion done, he paid for it and took care of her. Pre-marriage pregnancy is increasing in this country one of the reasons is that the hindu girls are slipping out of control and they misuse the freedom they get. They flaunt their bodies by wearing western clothes and even their parents support it. Very often they fall in the lap of some Muslim boy willingly not to mention muslim males have higher potency and fertility. At the end hindus call it as love jihad.