Saturday, 5 January 2013

Anjana om Kashyap exposing Gujarat development

Anjana Kashyap is a Hindu women. She works for Aaj Tak as a news anchor/journalist. The video above shows how she exposes Gujarat development myth. Anjana travels to various Muslim areas in Gujarat and interacts with Muslims. Good to see a Hindu women going deep inside Muslim areas to find out the truth.
Many Hindus were angry with Anjana as ther reactions were seen on social media like Facebook. Many said that Anjana is showing false news about Gujarat and she is conspiring with the congress to give Modi a bad name. But Anjana doesn't care, at the end she is like other Hindu ladies who likes Muslims which Hindus fail to understand and after all she is just showing the truth.


  1. See there pics How she is having fun in contact with muslim men Sharukh khan. Kaisi chipak rahi hai sharukh se dekho

    1. muhaha anjana kashyap is looking good in those pics she must have x with Sharukh haha

  2. background mai muslim mard kaise maza le rhe hai anjana ki gand dekh kar hahaha. anjana ko bhi maza aa raha hai muslim mardo k beech.
    Jaroor us Gujarat trip mai anjana ne kisi na kisi musalman se sex to jaroor kiya hoga

    1. Anjana ji Godhra ke muslim vasiyon ka dard poore desh ke samne lane ka prayas kar rahi thi...aur aap ek musalman hoke bhi aisi ghatiya baat karte ho...sharam aani chahiye aapko...muslim kaum ka naam aap jaise logon ki wajah se khar ab hota hai

  3. @talib agar teri maa bhi us jaga rehti na even fully covered tere muslim bhai vaisaich dekhte...because ur eyes r filled with lust cant help

  4. I am from Gujarat and I know the hotel where Anjana Kashyap stayed that night on that gujarat trip. The owner of that hotel was muslim and his son met anjana kashyap. The manager told me how the son of hotel owner who was muslim spend a night with anjana in her room. Anjana must have enjoyed big circumcised L . It is clear that this hindu women anjana likes muslim studs.

    1. I fully agree with Rehan Saab.

    2. Chal hotel ka naam bata.

    3. i also fully agree with rehan ji.

    4. Dear Rehan, what a news dear. I fully agree with Rehan and radha barwali. It seems we all are sailing in the same boat loving Muslim dicks. naina kulkarni is a brahmin like me who also love Muslim dick.

  5. Not surprised concerning this is coming from someone whose final messenger is proved to be a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a paedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter. Source: US $50,000 challenge from

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. you have done a great work in gujarat. u have exposed the actual reality of gujarat. Lots of people have in gujarat who are living their livelihood in a very pathetic state of affair. And you gave them opportunity to say their views in front of tv camera. hats off to you. i am proud of myself that i have a you kind of journalist in my life.

    2. Maal badiya hain

  7. many people have written very abusive about you. don't care ok. vaada karon zindagi mein agey badogee tum. nahee rooko gee kiseee key kehney say. jaisay battey logon ney likeh hai woh galat hai. humey anjanan aur anjana jisey hazarron ladkiyon ke respect karnee hogee. kayunki humarey bhe maa behen hai. i believe in anjana more than my breathe. all the best anjana god bless you.

  8. You Muslim bastards always talk abt sex with hindu women now let me tell you the reality of ur muslim women with our hindu men.

    Hindu/Sikh men are vegetarian they have good blood circulation and are youthful with glowing skin and good looking features. Good blood circulation makes the penis erect hard.

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    Muslim men are over protective of their women. They abuse their women and only care about their own short lasting orgasm.

    Hindu men treat their wifes like angels with love. Thats why many Muslim women have Hindu lovers.

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  9. Musalmaano ko suwar ki tarah gandh mein rehna pasand hota hai. unke ilaake hamesha gande aur bad-boo daar hote hai, sab k sab suwar ki tarah jeete hai mulley. Isme Modi ki kya galti? Suwar to goo mein hi rahega na.

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