Saturday, 17 May 2014

Modi’s Victory to Militarize India Muslims

Amid increasing anti-Muslim sentiments, new signs of radicalizations appeared among India’s Muslim community, though the number involved remained extremely small.

A recently retired US official described Modi to The Guardian as a “lightning rod both for internal and Pakistan-based militant groups.”

BJP extremist comments were adding to Muslim concerns inside and outside India.

Signs appeared last year after videos released by a newly formed extremist group calling itself Ansar ul Tauheed al Hindi and apparently based in Afghanistan or western Pakistan called for violent attacks in India in revenge for 2002 Gujarat massacre and sectarian violence in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh earlier in 2013.

One video, called From Kandahar to Delhi, refers to Indians, who the group said had joined their ranks.

There have also been a series of bombings that have been blamed on a local Islamic militant cell.

Security officials in India are concerned that the imminent withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan will trigger increased violence, especially in Kashmir.

The conflict in Afghanistan has acted as a pressure valve for many of the most extreme groups and the Pakistani security establishment “might feel the need to let them vent”, said Nigel Inkster, at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

The victory of BJP would now wake up Indian Muslims and many of the sleeper cells to a much larger extent. They may now seek to take revenge against the Hindu majority for betraying the country and electing into power a fascist leader. Its not the Muslims who have to fear because a Muslim fears no one but Allah but its the Hindus for following an extremist leader.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

3 killed Sikh and Muslim riot in Hyderabad police backing sikhs behind the scene

Curfew was imposed in Rajendranagar police station area under Cyberabad Commissionerate in Hyderabad on Wednesday, following communal clashes and death of three persons in police firing.

Trouble broke out near Sikh Chawni near Bahadurpura, adjacent to the Old City, after miscreants burnt a religious flag in the early hours of Wednesday. Tension gripped the area as members of a community attacked two youths blaming them for the flag burning incident.

At least 2 to 3 people were killed in the police firing.

Now the truth:
All the people killed were Muslims because the Hindu majority police and security forces were backing the Sikhs from behind the scenes.

Sikhs gather and raise up swords and daggers. Armed Sikhs set some Muslim houses on fire and caused damage to their property.
Rapid Action Force and Border Security Force officers which were stationed for election security was immediately called in. Paramilitary forces first fired tear gas shells and then opened indiscriminate firing over stone-pelters killing one on the spot seriously giving lethal injuries to 20 others; another youth later succumbed to injury in olive hospital.
Sources claim till now four persons have succumbed to bullet injuries, all of them Muslims.

Sikhs with the police.
Sikhs with weapons in front of the police who are backing the Sikhs.

West trying to destroy india by overplaying rape incidents

This is an article from and American website. Here is the source:

"How do you backdoor Social Marxism into a country? The same way you’d do it here to a small community: invent a pressing problem with a protect victim — gays, women, minorities, children — and demand investigations, public dialogues and other tools designed to make the people there hate themselves.
Then they’ll be grateful when you come in to saveTM them “from themselves.”
Right now, the Western liberal elite media is hive-minding about rape in India. See here, here, here, here, and here (CNN reporting on its own crowd-sourced report).
This fits into the modern narrative of “putting out fires”: overworked, we soldier on, but then we notice a problem so urgent that we must even break out of the normal drudgery of modern life. Rape! That’s as bad as racism… wait, nothing is as bad as racism… it might be racist, but at least one of these victims is white, so… almost as bad as racism. But still very bad.
Finding a problem like this justifies our intervention. It justifies summoning up ten thousand Slutwalks, several Public Dialogues, many collaborative art projects, thousands of investigative journalism pieces, at least a dozen public speeches, and perhaps the sale of 1.2m self-help books about rape, how to avoid it, and how feminism will save us.
And that last point is worth noting: how feminism will save us. The point is to use this justification for action as a backdoor to bring in Western liberal elite-style feminism, which requires a backdrop of Social Marxism, which in turn requires the liberal concept of progress and with a few quick steps, we can dominate this society with our neurosis too.
Cynics like myself think that the point of this expansion is power, with a side dose of “misery loves company.” Or in other words, we’re not going down alone. Everyone must join us in our maniacal quest for Ideological purity and if it destroys us, it will destroy them, and we’ll all be equal in destruction.
But how real are these claims? A helpful BBC article provides some statistics:

It says that the city of Delhi, home to 7.5 million women, recorded 585 cases of rape in 2012, compared with a total of 484 cases from the cities of Mumbai (232 cases), Calcutta (68), Chennai (94) and Bangalore (90 cases). Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta are megacities with populations of more than 10 million people.
Let’s compare that to statistics from major American cities. New York had 1,092 rapes in 2011. Los Angeles had 828 rapes in 2011. Chicago had 1,439 rapes in 2009 (the most recent year they reported statistics). Houston had 771 rapes in 2011.
In other words, Delhi probably has fewer rapes than most big American cities. Where’s the outrage? Oh, we already have feminism. Time for another Slutwalk.
Western elites spread their cancerous liberalism through jihads such as the manufactured “India rape crisis.” By ignoring statistical evidence, and instead picking a few of the inevitable crimes of a big city, the media can make it appear as if a crisis appears where none exists.
The audience for this media, naive in the belief that the news somehow reports on factual reality, will see the increasing frequency of stories and assume that there is an increasing frequency of crime, when in fact the rate of crime is lower than where they live.
However, this gives the left their true source of power, which is socialization. In every chattering circle, people can talk about rape in India as if they knew something. This embarrasses Indians, and motivates them to atone for that by importing Western-style liberalism and with it, cultural Marxism and other forms of social control."

At the moment biased anti-male rape laws have been passed in India with the backing of the media and because of the protests and pressure exerted by many women groups to pass the biased laws, now its a free hand for women. They can go around in semi-naked and revealing clothes begging for attention without any accountability. On top of that  men don't even have the right to look at them there cannot be a bigger hypocrisy than that.
It is a fact that in India there is so much hypocrisy about rape women don't even want to acknowledge 000.1% of the mistake. Read this article for more
How can it be that in 100% of the cases mistake is only one sided? There is always the other side of the coin and at present the biased rape laws don't even look at the other side and pass the judgement.
This is what American style liberalism is which they want to backdoor and spread in every country.
There are more rape cases in USA and the western media is raving about rape cases in India as a strategy and an opportunity to backdoor western style libralism and radical feminism into India.
And its an easy task for them to spread western ideas here in a plagiarized hindu majority country which tries to copy everything from the west.