Monday, 31 December 2012

Was Prithviraj Chauhan's wife Sanyogita raped

Prithviraj Chauhan married Sanyogita. She was the daughter of king Jai Chandra. Jai Chandra was against the marriage of his daughter with Prithviraj Chauhan so they eloped. Sanyogita ran away with Prithviraj Chauhan and lived with him. It has been said that Sanyogita was very beautiful.

Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan had two battles First Battle of Tarain and the Second Battle of Tarain. In the First Battle of Tarain Muhammad Ghori was defeated. But the mighty  Muhammad Ghori returned with greater force and in the second Second Battle of Tarain Ghori attacked Prithviraj's kingdom and defeated him. Prithviraj was taken as prisoner.

Here some historians say that no one knows what happened to Sanyogita. Some say she committed Jauhar. 
But Prithviraj was alive, he was taken as prisoner so it is logical to say Sanyogita cannot commit suicide because her husband was not dead.
Some historians and writers say it with great taste that Muhammad Ghori knew about Prithviraj's beautiful wife Sanyogita because that time stories of love between Prithviraj and Sanyogita were very much popular. After taking Prithviraj as prisoner he captured his wife Sanyogita before she could understand anything.

Some Hindus accuse Ghori of raping but you have to take into account that in those days along with conquered land enemy women also used to go into the hands of the victor.
Muhammad Ghori was a true winner he defeated Prithviraj so every single thing that belonged to Prithviraj his money, his kingdom  and even his women rightfully went into the hands of the mighty Ghori.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Women drugged and raped in Delhi by Muslim men False News

40 year old woman Hindu women drugged and raped by Gaffar and Aalam both Muslim men was a false news. Indian muslim post did some research on this matter and found out that the news was false.

Where has this news gone now ?
Why is this news buried ?

The 40 year old women was a neighbour of Gaffar and Aalam. This women is a divorcee. She herself invited both the men to her house for dinner. She had a drink and then she sexually provoked both these men to have sex with her. Both these men had sex with this women. It was totally consensual sex.
After few days this women had some quarrel with Gaffar and Aalam involving some personal matter. The women wanted to screw these two men so she filed false rape charges against them which was later revealed by the police.
Later the women and the two men compromised and the news suddenly disappeared.
This was again a case of Hindu women having affair with Muslim men.
Such misleading and false news should not be tolerated.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why Hindu girls show their body

From the very beginning Hindu girls have been revealing and flaunting their bodies. In olden days before and during Muslim rule in India Hindu girls used to wear sarees. The blouses of sarees during those days were very short.
Some Examples:
Look at the way Hindu princess, queens and common women used to show their body.
During Muslim rule in India, when Muslims saw such Hindu ladies revealing their bodies a natural attraction towards them started to arise which was something natural.
Some Hindu ladies themselves used to go with Muslim men because they were stronger and powerful while others automatically went  into the hands of the mighty Muslims as in those days along with conquered land enemy women also used to go into the hands of the victor. And you have to take into account that during those days these things were common.
When the Muslims established their kingdom in India eventually some of their cultural ethos also ethos also got mixed with Hindu culture.  Hindu ladies starting covering themselves. The blouses got longer and it gave rise to Hindu women covering their bodies.

Today some internet hindus say Hindu girls are following western culture, they are wearing revealing clothes oh !they should follow their tradition. Really ?
Wearing revealing clothes is already traditional.
Today blouses are getting shorter, sleeveless, backless and jeans is getting tighter and tighter. Just like the good old times, hindu women and muslim men are still attracted towards each other.  'Old habits die hard.'

Monday, 24 December 2012

Mughal Empire in India

The mighty Muslims ruled India for more then 800 years, it was a golden period. The Muslims proved that they are stronger and better organized than Hindus by conquering India.
Before the Mughals there was no India only small states, the hindus used to fight among themselves the mughals established the largest indian empire ever