Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind to help Himayat Baig's family

Soon after a court sentenced Indian Mujahedeen operative Mirza Himayat Baig to death in the German Bakery blast case today, his family members approached Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a prominent NGO of minority community, to help in filing an appeal against the sentence in Bombay High Court.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind provides free legal aid to Muslim youths who it believes have been falsely implicated in criminal cases.

31-year-old Baig was today sentenced to death by a Pune court in the February 13, 2010, German Bakery blasts case.

Baig's brother Tariq Baig and other relatives met Gulzar Azmi, a social activist, who heads the legal cell of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, according to sources here.

"The family members of Himayat Baig met us. They claimed that he was innocent and falsely dragged into the case by the Anti-Terrorism Squad. We have not yet decided anything. Once they get the copy of the judgement, we would study it and then decide it on the merits of the case," Azmi said.

"Our policy is very clear, we extend legal aid, only if we are convinced that the person is innocent," he said, pointing out that in the past too they have extended legal aid to many accused and have fought the case successfully in trial courts, high courts and the Supreme Court. 


Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind should check this matter as the death sentence by the court seems to be fishy to many Muslims. It should be made sure that if Baig is innocent than he should not be punished. There have been instances in the past that Muslims have been falsely convicted which it should not happen again.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Death sentence given to Himayat Baig

The lone German bakery blast case convict Mirza Himayat Inayat Baig was sentenced to death by a sessions court in Pune on Thursday.

The court had on Monday found Baig, the only person arrested among the seven accused in the case, guilty on five counts, including murder and criminal conspiracy.

After day-long arguments, additional sessions judge N P Dhote said the case fell under the “rarest-of-the-rare” category, warranting the most severe punishment.

The court also sentenced him to life imprisonment on five other counts. The death penalty will have to be confirmed by the Bombay high court.

Baig, who had kept his calm when pronounced guilty, fainted briefly on hearing the sentence. “The innocent victims of bakery blast will not get justice if another innocent person gets hanged,” a weeping Baig said, reading out from his notes in a packed courtroom.

The judge said he could approach higher court if he felt justice was not done.


The verdict seems to be very fishy to many Muslims including family members of Himayat Baig who are saying that Himayat is innocent and is wrongly dragged into the case.
When asked by the judge as to what he had to say about the verdict, Baig broke down and pleaded innocence, alleging that he had been falsely implicated in the case by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad led by Rakesh Maria. 
"I am innocent and have nothing to do with the German Bakery bombing. Police have failed to nab the real culprit and I have been made the scapegoat in the case. While 17 persons died in the explosion, I have been made the 18th victim," he told the judge.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Riot-hit Rohingya Muslims take refuge in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Looking at least 10 years older than his age, 27-year-old Mohammed Shaker can pass off as a north Indian settled in Hyderabad but for his broken Hindi. Shaker is actually a Rohingya Muslim who fled Myanmar for safety and sought refuge in Hyderabad four months ago to escape the sectarian violence and bloodshed that is rocking the Southeast Asian nation.

Ask him how he landed in Hyderabad, and Shaker recalls his three-day long arduous journey on foot through a rough mountain terrain in the dead of the night to reach the Myanmar border from where he was made to board a boat run by smugglers to reach the Bangladesh border. Hours later, he reached the shore and was stowed in a truck to be finally dropped near the West Bengal border. And it took him 9 days to finally land in Hyderabad.

There are many refugees like Shaker in Hyderabad. They have chilling stories to narrate about the ongoing sectarian violence in Myanmar. "Muslims are forbidden by Buddhists to step out of their houses during daytime. Those who refuse to comply with this order are killed. My uncle who stepped out of the house got killed this way," said Mohammed Shamshu, 25, while his companion Mohammed Shoeb, 19, showed on his mobile phone gory pictures of Muslim men being stabbed and bludgeoned to death. Healthcare, education and other services are a distant dream for us, Shoeb added.

"Shopkeepers would not sell ration to us. As a result, we stealthily buy food items in the dark and sustain by eating once in a day or two," said Mohammed Sadiq, another refugee highlighting the terrible toll of hunger. Many Muslim women who lost their husbands in the riots ended up starving as even their cattle was taken away from them, rued Sadiq, who was fortunate enough to escape along with his wife. Both Muslim men and women willing to marry have to separately cough up a hefty tax, and pay even more if the married couple has children, but the same did not apply to Buddhists, he lamented.

Fleeing from their native country, the Rohingya Muslims have settled down in many cities in India, including Hyderabad. From about 150 such settlers in early 2012, the number of Rohingya Muslims in the city has shot up to 1,200 now. These asylum seekers, mostly in the young age group, are settled in Hafizbabanagar, Balapur and Kishanbagh areas of Old City, work as daily wagers and live crammed into cheap quarters.

"After the riots in Myanmar in June last year, there was a fresh wave of exodus late last year. Besides India, these refugees are fleeing to Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore and other countries," said Mazher Hussain, executive director, Confederation of Voluntary Associations (Cova), the implementation partner of UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Hyderabad.

The latest round of violence between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine region erupted in June 2012 after the alleged rape and murder of a Buddhist girl by Muslim men. Experts said that this violence is the latest in a long history of state-sponsored repression against Rohingya Muslims. The minority was targeted in pogroms in 1978, stripped of their citizenship in 1982 and exposed to rampant human rights abuse, including slave labour and torture that led to a second exodus into Bangladesh in 1991-1992. Islam is practiced by 4% of Myanmar's population.

According to the United Nations, clashes between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims have left 115,000 people displaced and several dead. The Rohingyas have been described by the UN as one of the world's most persecuted minorities.

India being a secular country should support and give refuge to Muslims coming from Myanmar and other parts because of violence. India should also consider giving these Muslims citizenship of India if they don't want to go back to their own country because of fear.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hindus worried over Hindu girls marrying Muslims

Every girl wants a husband who is full of etiquette and is smart and strong. Fortunately Muslim men have these qualities. Hindu girls in India mostly go for Muslim men without any force but willingly.
When Hindu men see their beautiful girls going for Muslim guys over Hindus they begin to envy them for obvious reasons. Their jealous behavior can be seen on the internet and even on streets, mostly on the internet when they abuse Muslims with their hateful comments.

See few of the comments which clearly  shows their concern and animosity.

Quote: "mjhe samajh nhi aata ki in hinduo ladkiyo ko kya ho gaya hai jo musalmano ke peeche padi hai kya hindu ladke mar gaye hai. kuch saal sath rakhega fir iska bhi vohi haal hoga jo imran khan ne reena roy ke sath kiya tha. ye musalmano ki LOve Jihad ka shadyantra chal raha hai aur hindu ladkiya aasani se inke chakkar me padkar apni zinfdagi brbad kar leti hai. lates example Amrita sing ka hai jo saif ne kiya hai".

Quote: "Bollywood pictures should have muslim actors with muslim actress and hindu actors with hindu actress otherwise this is a threat to our woman on the street of India as well easy target when such pictures are shown in Pakistan for pictures because religion conversion is fast catching up then cancer."

Quote: "No surprise Many third class hindu girls like Muslim whether they are young or old becz of their stamina to satisfy. Many Hindu women committed suicides to save their modesty at the hands of muslim invaders and here there are some bollywood women / girls are sacrifying them to the lusty pakistanis. chi thu..... will never watch movies of such third class hindu women"

Quote: "Dont knw why these grls choose muslim guys over hindus, whts wrng wd them? one of my frnd is also in relationship wd a muslim guy and she says he is compassionate and faithful to her, he keeps all his commitment always, thats the reason she fell for him. bt i m asking are these qualities nt in hindu guy?
i hv met that muslim boy, and i found him nice i dont hv any doubt that she is right in her choise bt even then i dont think she needed to look into other community to found such person. if she wud had searched enuf nd had kept patience, i m sure she wud find someone like him."

Quote: "There may be lot of Hindu eligible bachelors but none suitable for beauty queen we lag far behind in glamorous approach to glamour women for marriage. Etiquette in Hindu youth need much to be desired that is why most of popular glamour Hindu women fall for Muslims right from Indra Gandhi Khan, Sharmila Tagore to Kareena kapoor not to mention Gauri Khan & Malaika Arora Khan, the endless list goes on there must be some special flavour in Katta Hua. If any Muslim woman at all marries a Hindu the man is made to convert to Islam before marriage Kishore Kumar is great example who had to convert before getting married to Madhubala."

Quote: "Hindu ladkiyon ko musalmaan he kyon pasand aate hain??? They should be taught lessons when they are young to avoid spread of islam and demolition of hinduism."

Quote: "It has been observed that most of Hindu film actress like or go after muslim celebrities, like Kareena Kapoor, Gauri Khan, Rina Roy, Kiran Rao etc. Don't know what does they like in them and what is not with Hindu Personalities? At the end Pakisthani???? Shame on Sushmita Sen."

These are just a few comments. At this rate I can imagine the day when Hindu men won't get any Hindu girl to marry haha just kidding.

Now this is really weird and absurd, if Hindus are so concerned then why do they let their girls roam free and later blame Muslims ? First they give their girls excessive freedom, let them wear all kinds of revealing clothes and when their girls get out of their Hands then they sit and cry plus blame Muslims but it always takes two hands to clap.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Rumors of Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram Marriage angering Hindus

Rumors of Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram marriage is circulating around the media these days. Sushmita Sen is a Bengali Hindu women who has dated Wasim Akram in the past.
 The news of Sushmita Sen's marriage with Pakistani Muslim cricketer is angering and hurting many Hindus in India for obvious reasons. 
There is no doubt that Hindu girls in India go for Muslim men but, a Indian Hindu girl going for a Pakistani Muslim guy is like crossing the red line (crossing the limit) and this could be one of the reasons why Sushmita is reluctant to marry a Pakistani.
Sushmita Sen has denied rumors of marrying Wasim Akram but still its not 100 percent clear.

Marriage between Indian girl and Pakistani guy is something which we also don't approve but  Hindus give their women freedom in excess and then later blame Muslims for it.
This is why we have time and again advised Hindus to control their girls but they seem to be behaving like typical Western people thinking that they have become ultra modern and liberal. But we haven't seen American girls indulging in relationship with enemies of the state. Why Hindu girls ? Seems like they are too mean and just to satisfy themselves.

This is really absurd first Hindus give their girls way too much freedom, let them roam free without any reason and then later cry and blame Muslims but we many times in the past told them to keep their girls under control and teach them some modesty and decency.

The article about Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram's marriage was posted on Yahoo India and these are some of the comments.
Quote: "There is no compatible guy for her in INDIA? Why all hindus marrying to Muslims? Will become convert divorced and free to marry other. After karina another one"

Quote: "Sushmita your decession is very bad. Because you are planing to marry first offal MUSLIM man secondly Pakistani. Why you did not find any Indian hindu man to marry. As Bengali, Indian we was proud of you. If you marry with muslim pakistani the we will be very shame on you. Pagol to hae jan ni apni . Arakam bhol decesion neber age amader hindu dharmer katha apnar bhab uchit chilo. Your BRAIN IS NOT WORKING ANY MORE. Pls. Don't Marry pakistani and muslim Second hand aged man".

Quote: "Ek Aur "Hindu Ladki " Ko MULLA le kar chal diya........"

 Quote: "Is there a threat of Dawood Ibrahim or such criminal power that forces our (Indian) Hindu film stars to marry Muslims? Susmitha, Don't you find any Hindu masculine enough to be your husband?"

Quote: "Sush U don't have sense for your parents and hinu relative. Don't marry Muslim, Aged , Second hand married man, Pakistani. Many many more richest hindu man having in India. you can marry Hindu man. Don't be muslim. Tumahara khandan 'SEN' Bongsher sanman nasto karo na. - Prasenjit Biswas , KOLKATA"

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Muslim leaders remind Sonia Gandhi about a promise

Bellary: The competition among aspirants for Congress party’s ticket for Bellary city Assembly constituency took a new turn on Fr­iday with Muslims rem­in­­ding Congress president Sonia Gandhi about an assurance made 14 years ago.

“AICC president Sonia Gandhi promised a party ticket to a Muslim candidate from Bellary city Assembly constituency when she contested the Lok Sabha elections from here in 1999, but even after 14 years her promise has not turned into reality.

Therefore, we appeal to her to give the ticket to Hothur Mohammed Iqbal,” prominent members of the community led by former Bellary urban development authority chairman Jaheer Ahmed and former Haj Committee chairman Baba told media persons on Friday.

They said Hothur Darvesh Ahmed was chosen as the Congress candidate from Bellary city in 1999, but the then district Congress leaders K C Kondaiah, Allum Veerabh­ad­ra­ppa and Mundloor Di­wa­kar Babu did not favour his candidature. “Today, Darvesh Ahmed is no more, hence we demand the Congress high command to give the ticket to his brother Moha­m­med Iqbal who is likely to em­erge as the consensus can­didate among ticket as­p­irants”, Jaheer Ahmed added.

Though H Abdul Wahab, elder brother of Mohammed Iqbal has been chosen as the candidate for Hospet-Vijayan­ag­ar constituency, these lea­ders argued that Wa­hab was defeated twice in 1989 and 1994 and therefore could be defeated this year.

The Congress, which was upbeat after regaining power in the city corporation after a decade, seems to be in a fix over selection of a candidate for Bellary (City) constituency. Apart from Hothur Moham­med Iqbal, the other contenders include former min­ister M. Diwakar Ba­bu, Member of Rajya Sab­ha Anil Lad, former Mem­ber of Parlia­ment K.C. Kon­d­aiah, and president of Bellary City district Con­gress committee, J.S. Anjaneyalu.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Muslims marrying Hindu girls good or bad ?

Muslims marrying Hindu girls is a positive thing.
The 2 diagrams mean the exact same thing but the first one is simple and easier to understand and the second one is a compact version of the first one.

It is not bad if Muslims marry Hindu or any other non-Muslim girl whether Christian, Jew or Sikh. But I am referring to Hindu girls as they are in majority in India.

In short this is what the above diagram means:
A Hindu girl Marries a Muslim then they have kids who are also Muslim then again the cycle repeats.When those Muslim kids grow up one of them again marries a Hindu girl and they again have kids. Then again the same cycle repeats, the cycle should keep on repeating and this should go on from one generation to the next generation.

First of all when a Non-Muslim girl marries a Muslim guy then according to Muslim culture the girl has to convert to Islam and if she really loves the guy then she willingly converts. The greatest beneficiary of this is the girl as she accepts the right path and accepts the truth which is Islam. Islam is the only true religion so she is now in the right direction, Quran is there to guide her and she has the blessings of almighty Allah.

Secondly, Muslim means one who submits to Allah and one of the duty of a Muslim should be to enlighten others, propagate true religion ie; Islam and bring people to the right path. So if a Muslim marries lets say a Hindu girl then it also means he is bringing that girl to the right path of Islam.

Thirdly, if a girl from other faith marries a Muslim then it also means she has got liberated from a false religion which she was previously belonged to.

In India it is happening and is good for the country as it will also eradicate caste system. Hindu religion has caste system and most of the Hindu families want their girls to marry in the same caste and they don't want their them to get married in lower caste or even different cast. But Muslim families are not like this they happily accept Hindu girl after she has accepted the truth and willingly converted to Islam.

In modern India Hindu girls are working every were in both private and public sector along with men. Muslims are also getting educated and working every where so it is easier for them so socialize with Hindu girls. Where as Muslims girls are modest and dignified they are hardly seen working outside along with men.
This is one of the reasons why conversion before marriage is important because usually Hindu and other Non Muslims girls can be indecent especially Hindu girls because its in their culture to expose which has been emphasized by us in this post (, they don't dress modestly but after accepting the truth ie; Islam they start living a modest and respectful life as a Muslim women. So its good if a Muslim marries them and shows them the right path.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bangladesh's Jamaat e Islami gets support from West Bengal's Muslim brothers

A mass convention called by 15 prominent Muslim organizations of West Bengal, including the All India Milli Council, All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, West Bengal Sunnat Al Jamat Committee and others was held at Kolkata's Shaheed Minar maidan where they unitedly condemned the ongoing war crimes trial against Jamaat e Islami's leaders and the actions of the Sheikh Hasina government. The protesters termed the Shahbag protests as atheistic and said that anti-Islamic propaganda would not be tolerated at all. They demanded setting Bangladeshi Islamic orator and leader of the Jamaat, Delwar Hossain Sayeedee free after the war crimes tribunal had awarded him death penalty which was totally a false.

The Hindu majority Indian government is supporting Sheikh hasina's actions and is backing the crackdown on Jamaat e Islami leaders much of which is a bias.
It was good to see all prominent Muslim outfits of West Bengal carrying out a mass gathering in support of Jamaat e Islami. Such kind of false propaganda should not be tolerated. The Indian government together with Sheikh Hasina are trying their best to defame Jamaat and Muslims in particular. Their hidden agenda seems to be, to completely destroy the Islamic party Jamaat e Islami. The recent gathering has sent a strong message to the government that Jamaat e Islami is not alone a we stand with them.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wrongful arrest of Liaquat shows bias against Muslims

Liaquat Shah was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly plotting terror attack in the national capital on the eve of Holi festival which is untrue and shows that the Hindu majority government and police is biased against Muslims.

The Kashmir police and Omar Abdullah has already said Liaquat was not plotting any terror attack and was going to surrender before the Deli police.
Moreover Shah was traveling with his family and why would any one bring his wife and children with him on a terrorist mission ? This is a question which the police has not been able to answer and never will be because the police is biased.

It has been seen in the past that the police falsely arrest Muslims and link them to terrorists.
If this carries on like this then the consequences will not be good.

Liaquat Shah should be released from custody as soon as possible and the government should apologize to him and Muslim community for falsely arresting him.

Liaquat will be freed of NIA probe absolve him of terror plot, says home ministry

The central government on Tuesday gave fresh hope to wrongfully arrested Liaquat Ali Shah, he was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly plotting terror attack in the national capital on the eve of Holi festival which is untrue and shows the police is biased against Muslims.

Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh, who has so far backed the Delhi Police's theory of Shah being a dangerous Hizbul terrorist, for the first time indicated that he might be given benefit of doubt.

"During the investigation if it is proved that he was going to surrender, our effort will be to help him and his family," Singh said.

According to Delhi Police, Liaqat was planning terror attack in crowded places of the city on the eve of Holi and was arrested from Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur district on March 20 while he was heading for the national capital from Karachi. On his tip-off an AK-56 rifle, two loaded magazines, three hand grenades and explosive substance were recovered from a guesthouse in Delhi's Jama Masjid area.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police claimed that Shah was going to surrender before them when he was arrested.

NIA to probe alleged Hizbul operative Liaquat Shah arrest

Giving in to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's demand, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Monday asked the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe the Delhi Police 's claim that the recently arrested Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Liaqat Ali Shah was part of a 26/11-type terror plot in the national capital.

The Delhi Police and the Jammu and Kashmir Police have been at the loggerheads over the issue. While the Delhi Police had claimed that Shah was linked to the alleged suicide attack plot in the city, the Jammu and Kashmir Police claimed that the alleged terrorist was on his way to the state to surrender.

Backing the state police, Abdullah had demanded a time-bound NIA probe into the matter.

Earlier in the day, Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh summoned Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar and special commissioner of its special cell S.N. Srivastava over the issue.

Headlines Today had earlier reported that the Delhi Police's claim on Shah's arrest might be false. While the Delhi Police had on Friday claimed that Shah was nabbed from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh on March 20 following a tip-off from the Multi-Agency Centre (MAC), sources in intelligence agencies and Union Home Ministry had revealed that no such report was sent to the local police recently.

Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat video clip junks police's Liyaqat Shah claim

The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat held a press conference here on Tuesday to present documented evidence against Delhi Police Special Cell's claims that former militant Liyaqat Shah was arrested from Gorakhpur.
The organisation, which serves as an umbrella body of Muslim groups, showed a 57-second-long clipping featuring two personnel of the Sashastra Seema Bal talk about Shah and how he entered India with his family.
"Some days ago, some people had come through the border. Routine checks keep going on. When we questioned them and saw their documents, we had some doubt because the documents they had did not look valid. So, we thought we should question them properly," one of the SSB personnel was heard saying in the video clip.
"Later, we got to know from the news channels and media that the man, Liyaqat Ali Shah, whom we had detained and handed over to security forces has links with Hizbul Mujahideen."
Asserting that the video "discredited" all claims by Special Cell that Shah was arrested from a railway station in Gorakhpur, the panelists said that the cell had "put in danger a very important government scheme to end militancy in Kashmir".
Responding to the allegations, a police official in Special Cell said, "Why should we be against the rehabilitation policy for militants? We have always said that Shah came through the Nepal route but he was arrested by our policemen from Gorakhpur railway station."
"As for claims by 'SSB officials', I cannot comment on something that I have not seen. The credentials of this video are to be verified," the officer said.
Meanwhile, the special NIA court on Tuesday granted permission to the National Investigation Agency to interrogate Shah in judicial custody.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Babri case: CBI questioned over delay in filing appeal against Advani

The Supreme Court on Tuesday questioned CBI for the delay in filing appeal against the Allahabad High Court order that conspiracy charge will not apply to BJP leader L.K. Advani and others in the Babri Masjid demolition case.
A bench headed by Justice H.L. Dattu directed that an affidavit be filed within two weeks by a senior law officer of the Central government after noting that the delay of 167 days was caused because of a law officer.
In compliance with the apex court’s earlier order, CBI on Tuesday placed before the bench the case details in which it submitted that the delay was caused as the drafting of the appeal against the Allahabad High Court verdict was pending before Additional Solicitor General and Solicitor General for their approval and opinion.
“The delay was on the part of Solicitor General. So affidavit from the concerned person would facilitate us to understand the delay,” the bench said.
“In your interest it is better if an affidavit is filed,” the court said, granting two weeks time to CBI to get the affidavit filed by the senior law officer.
The bench, however, in its order did not mention the officer who would be filing the affidavit and said it should be filed by a senior law officer.
The apex court was hearing CBI’s appeal challenging the verdicts of a special CBI court and the Allahabad High Court dropping conspiracy charge against Advani, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, Vinay Katiyar and Murli Manohar Joshi.
The others against whom the charge was dropped included Satish Pradhan, C.R. Bansal, Ashok Singhal, Giriraj Kishore, Sadhvi Ritambhara, V.H. Dalmia, Mahant Avaidhynath, R.V. Vedanti, Param Hans Ram Chandra Das, Jagdish Muni Maharaj, B.L. Sharma, Nritya Gopal Das, Dharam Das, Satish Nagar and Moreshwar Save.
CBI has challenged in the Supreme Court the May 21, 2010 order of the high court, which had upheld a special court’s decision to drop the charge against the leaders.
The High Court had at that time, however, allowed CBI to proceed with other charges against Mr. Advani and others in a Rae Bareily court, under which the case falls.
The May 2010 order of the High Court had said there was no merit in CBI’s revision petition against the May 4, 2001 order of the special court which had directed dropping of criminal conspiracy charge against them.
There are two sets of cases — one against Mr. Advani and others who were on the dais at Ram Katha Kunj in Ayodhya in December 1992 when the Babri Masjid was demolished, while the other case was against lakhs of unknown ‘karsevaks’ who were in and around the disputed structure.
CBI had chargesheeted Mr. Advani and 20 others under sections 153A (promoting enmity between classes), 153B (imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration) and 505 (false statements, rumours etc circulated with the intent to cause mutiny or disturb public peace)of IPC.
It had subsequently invoked charges under section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC which was quashed by the special court whose decision was upheld by the high court. Bal Thackeray’s name was removed from the list of accused persons after his death.
While upholding the special court’s order, the high court had said CBI at no point of time, either during the trial at Rae Bareily or in its revision petition, ever stated that there was offence of criminal conspiracy against the leaders.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Mumbai police exposed Leaked circular on jihad agitates Muslim groups

Even as the Mumbai police are probing the leak of an internal circular regarding the women's wing of an Islamic organisation allegedly brainwashing and training girls for Jihad, investigators said on Tuesday that nothing incriminating has come to their notice so far.

The recently issued internal circular by Mumbai police's Special Branch sparked controversy as it said the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, one of the country's largest Islamic organisations that runs 40 high schools and three junior colleges in Maharashtra, has been operating with the objective of "brainwashing college and school girls and training them for jihad."
The circular, meant to be for personnel within the police department, got leaked and invited the wrath of Jamaat, with its Maharashtra spokesman Mohammad Aslam Ghazi threatening to sue the department if it does not apologise.
Amid threats of legal action and mounting anger of the outfit, a Special Branch officer said, "It is true that we have received information about anti-national activities by the GIO, but as of now our surveillance has not discovered anything like this in Maharashtra. We did not find any suspicious activity of the GIO in the state".
The circular, issued last month, says, "The group, GIO, is related to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and it was established in Kerala. The purported aim of this organisation is to make more and more Muslim women aware of their religion and the holy Quran. But the real objective of this organisation is to brainwash school and college girls and train them for jihad".
A delegation of Jamaat, headed by the outfit's Maharashtra presidentJamaat-e-Islami Hind  met special branch chief and additional police commissioner Naval Bajaj on Monday, seeking his response on the matter.
A letter from the organisation's office seeking police's response and apology in writing will be sent soon. If the outfit is not satisfied with the reply, then a legal notice will be served to them, the Jamaat claimed.
Meanwhile, Mumbai police have also started an investigation to ascertain as to how the internal circular got leaked to the media.