Friday, 30 December 2016

Islamic Military Alliance is growing

Islamic Military Alliance is a military alliance of 39 Muslim countries and its control center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Countries like Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, Turkey,  Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, Lebanon, Sudan etc.. are are part of this alliance.
It is still early days as it was formed in 2015 and it has grown ever since..  Chances are that in the future this alliance would turn into a NATO style military organization.

Former Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Sharif is expected to be appointed defence advisor of Saudi Arabia-led military alliance of 39 Muslim countries.
Raheel Sharif, who recently retired as Pakistan’s Army Chief, has arrived in Saudi Arabia as a royal guest in a special plane.

Whats interesting about all this is that a combined Muslim (alliance) army is being formed. Is this the Muslim army which Ghazwa-e-Hind talks about ? Ghazwa e Hind is a controversial topic it talks about muslim rule in India and Muslim army defeating the oppressive Indian (hind) regime, with the rise of fascist hindu nationalist regime in India which the Muslims don't like and the rise in intolerance all this seems to having some connect. I am not saying Ghazwa e Hind is true or false I am just stating the fact the the people who denied this in the past said that there is no muslim army so it cannot happen. But today we are seeing Muslim army coming into existence and its still early days to say anything more.

In the future Islamic Military Alliance may also invite Indian muslims to join them, it may create more employment for the Muslims in India. Saudis have the money and power to afford it.The Ummah should be taken into consideration meaning that it should also invite muslims from non-muslim countries to join the Islamic Military Alliance and do justice to its name.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hindutva brigade dejected as Aamir Khan's Dangal turns out to be a super hit

In spite of the negative campaign ran by Hindutva brigade (also known as the 'bhakts')  Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to break records. The movie has turned out to be a super hit.

The hindutva brigade who have time and again raised the issue of the khans (muslims) having hindu wives and girlfriends are the ones most hit by this movie mentally, all their negative campaigning against Aamir prior to the release of the film has failed completely.
Hindu girls turned out in large numbers to watch this movie. They loved Aamir, while the obsessive bhakts looked down in grief.
Some Bhakts changed their narrative completely.
A hindu girl giving a befitting reply to the bhakts

Many hindu girls watched the movie with their muslim boyfriends. One such girl Rishita Chaterjee is of the opinion: "The Hindutva brigade are against Aamir Khan and his movie. They want the movie to fail. They dont like him because he is a muslim man, oh! he is more of a man than those crazy bhakts. He is so hot."

The video above is a perfect example what hindu girls prefer. When asked "would you date Aamir Khan"
Yes, he is so hot.
No, not at all.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Hindu outfit complains about student couple in house

Mangaluru, Dec 22: Police on Wednesday December 22, visited a house in Ullal near here where a student couple were together after some Hindu organizations complained. After talking to the students and obtaining information from them, the police did not take any action as there was no chance for the same.
A male medical student from Kashmir had rented a house in Bagambila in Ullal. Every afternoon a female student visited his house. Some locals informed about this to a Hindu organization. The members of Hindu organization came to the spot and complained to the police regarding this.
Police visited the place and asked the couple about why they were together. They said that they were classmates and were in love. The Kashmiri male student said he is a Muslim and the girl said she is a Christian from Kerala. They also said they were engaged and would get married soon. They also produced necessary documents on the same.
Police, locals and members of Hindu organization went back from the spot.

Another case of frustrated Hindu outfits. Most of them are just losers who can't get a girl neither they can get laid while they envy muslims men getting other women.

A girl would fall in love with a muslim guy rather than a tingu pingu repulsive frustrated hindutva goon and that is exactly what is happening which makes them even more frustrated and obsessed.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

In times of war who should Muslims support

This may be a controversial question but as Muslims we should be ready face difficult questions. Now it is a fact that Islam doesn't believe in race or nation state. A muslim is a muslim he is equal no matter where he is from, no matter if he is black or brown. Islam means equality and it encourages unbreakable brotherhood among Muslims.

For a Muslim the "Ummah" is bigger than man made boundaries. Muslim Ummah refers to the unity of Muslims all over the world. It means the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

So for example you live in a Non-muslim country and it  goes to war with an Islamic country then who should Muslims side with ? Its a difficult question and it depends on the situation. If that Islamic country is following true islam and it believes in Muslim ummah, brotherhood and equality then Muslims must support their brothers on the other hand if its an extremist organization like ISIS then Muslims must oppose it and not help them.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

IMP blogger Arslan Ansari married to Vedika Trivedi

Arslan Ansari founder of this blog married his long time girlfriend Vedika Trivedi last week. Arslan is 'moderate traditionalist' with an assertive personality not afraid to put his views out in the open. Arslan and Vedika met each other during their college days. They were in relationship from past 3 years. Vedika is from a hindu family, she is a sensible girl with simple and straightforward personality. She has always been attracted to islamic culture, history and loves islamic arts, crafts and architecture. Both are very happy together and currently on a honeymoon.
Arslan isn't active on this blog from past one year. He has his business and other things to look after.
The blog is managed by me (Mazid Sheikh). I am a friend of Arslan.
Hearty congratulations to Arslan and Vedika from indian muslim post.

Angry muslim guy's reacts to right wing hindu extremists

Right wing organization Hindu Mahasabha declard a reward for the head of Asaduddin Owaisi, the President of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, An angry muslim guy reacting to it.

Muslims will win

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hindu girls doing love jihad to get muslim men

Often the Hindutva brigade accuse the Muslims of doing love jihad and luring Hindu girls but the reality is quite the opposite.
Actually its the Hindu girls who are doing love jihad to get Muslim men.

As in the above video Dr Naik proves that Jihad means to strive and it is also done by non-Muslims knowingly or unknowingly whether for good or for bad. It is a misconception that Jihad can only be done by Muslims, he added by citing Quanic references.

A Hindu girl striving to get a Muslim man is also a kind of Jihad.
When a Hindu girl gets a Muslim husband it means Allah is guiding her to the straight path.

Moreover Hindu girls flaunting their body, striving to get Muslim male attention is also Jihad whether or good or for bad doesn't matter. Bad jihad would lead to the path of Shaitan while good Jihad leads to the path of Allah.

A Kafir apes other kafirs

Verity the kafir wants you to be like them but we as Muslims have to reject Kafir beliefs and their culture.

My dear Muslim brothers let me give you a real life example few weeks ago it was valentines day. I was walking down the street in the evening and I saw huge traffic jams. In fact the whole city was overcrowded with stupid valentines day celebrations.

Most of these kafirs were Hindus along with other disbelievers. Now just think for a moment what do these Hindu kafirs have to do with valentines day, its not their festival nor it is remotely related with their culture. But you have to understand that a kafir always tries to ape other kafirs.

In this case the Hindu kufrs are aping/copying the Western/American kufrs and when Muslims reject valentines day or restrict it in their countries all these kafirs get together and label Muslims and backwards and extremists.
Why ?
Because verily the kafir wants you to be like them but a Muslim cannot follow the kafirs, he cannot bow down or be a slave to any man or woman but a kafir can be a slave of his/her desires and can follow other kafirs but a Muslim can only follow and bow down to the one and only i.e; the almighty Allah and follow his teachings which are written in the holy Quran. Some Muslims do get deceived and then do things to please the kafirs this is what we called a complete Munafiq.

No matter how much the kufrs try to pressurize the Muslims, the Muslims will always resist and in the end be victorious.
May Allah guide us to the straight path.