Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rising slut walk among non-muslim girls

On July 2011 first slut walk took place in India which was carried out mainly by Hindu girls even though some of them call themselves atheists but still they are from Hindu families. It was just a beginning because after that more slut walks took place in India. Slut walk is a western concept, it started in Canada and has taken place in most western / European countries, in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and many more.

Slut Walk is a western phenomenon and again we are witnessing Hindus in India following western culture. They are surely becoming slaves of western culture.

Slut Walk, the name itself is vulgar so you shouldn't expect protests to be any different (decent).
See how Hindu girls are taking pride in being a slut.
The Slut walk in Delhi was the first ever slut walk in India.

See these indecent girls they have lost the moral ground to protest. The way they are smiling I am forced to think, have they come on streets to protest or to have fun and show off their body.
The girls above are saying, stop staring at women because they are not your property.
"Nazar teri buri Burka mai pehnu".
Its not about "Nazar" it is the human nature that you cannot change, this is hypocrisy they can wear what ever they want and still expect men to not see them.
See the hypocrisy here.
In fact many feminists in India also say the same thing that stop staring at women which is all hypocrisy. Non-Muslim girls in India say, "We will wear whatever we want to but men should control themselves and they should stop staring at women."
This is an ambivalent attitude of women, they amble wearing skimpiest of dresses but don't expect to be watched by unpleasant person but they want to be ogled by selected men whom they like.
Everybody will see the chicken with same eyes, its like showing a red rag to a bull and expecting it to be calm and composed, its the nature no one can control, ask yourself ,don't you feel amorous when u see an extraordinary handsome guy, if its not happening seriously its time for medical checkup.

Its funny, saying we will wear anything we want but don't stare at us is biggest paradoxical statement I have ever heard.
You think men are feeling-less eunuchs, when they see a woman in figure revealing clothes, they don't feel anything or get provoked? The word “provocative clothes” can you think into why it was named so?
You are trying to confront a basic feeling with which people are born with – hunger, thirst, a need to be recognized, carnal pleasures etc.. are needs of a man. You cant say I will put an aromatic Biryani in front of a hungry person and yet expect him to move over and blame him entirely for trying to have at least a spoon of it.
The blame is shared,  men for trying to have something not his, and the person who put it in front of him to have incited the act.

While wearing clothes, for both men and women, as per the very natural instincts they will always think that how the opposite sex would find them- attractive, beautiful, hot etc. Now here is the point, if the opposite sex would not find them attractive they would be highly disappointed. So subconsciously or consciously they would want the Men to look at them. Its obvious that the men would look at the revealing body parts as it attracts them. Thinking is something which we cannot predict, as both men and women sometimes may have wrong notions about each other by seeing the appearance, for example; a guy wearing sleeveless t-shirt or an undershirt outside, would be considered by lots of women as showing off his body or a hoodlum. which may not be the case. thinking inside the brain we cannot change. There is a lot of hypocrisy in India.

Hindu girls surely wear clothes to please themselves and also to attract the attention of other men, no girl can ever deny that (except for those who are lesbian or homosexual), but still if men look or feel  aroused, they will quickly judge them, paradoxical. Knowingly somtimes they would arouse or provoke men but then as per women, men should not look or pass comments. Its a fact that sometimes some non-Muslim women really like to show off their body same as like some men. Here women can look pass comments and have fun and even tease, but if a man looks then its an insult for them and as per women, men should not do that, this is really contradictory.

 So this is the logic of Indian non-Muslim women - "I will wear a micro mini skirt even to the extent that u can see my undergarment but you will not get aroused, its not meant for you, I can dress up the way i want."  So does she dresses up like that to please herself or her female friends?  See how hypocrite, double standard and contradictory Indian non-Muslim women are. 

It seems as if now Indian men before leaving their homes everyday should pray to God that please don't show me girls in less clothes as it diverts attention and causes hormonal tides which could get us in trouble. Its not easy for a decent person to control his amorous thought, he has to fight really hard to avoid spiking testosterone and adrenalin level.
Its a humble request to non-Muslim women that please let us live peacefully by wearing decent clothes.

You cannot change the basic human nature. This is where Islam is such a great religion. In Islam women are not allowed to dress indecently like non-Muslims girls do. Muslim women cover themselves and live with dignity. You cannot change the basic nature of men.

Not just women many Indian hindu men also take part in the protest. It seems like these men are endorsing their sisters as sluts.

"Stop staring, women are not aliens from Venus".
This is such a stupid statement. Who says women are aliens. Its the basic human nature which you cannot change. Instead of supporting these stupid protests these Hindu men should first teach their women how to dress modestly and stop them from following western culture.
Either this man is gay who has no feelings towards women or he is just doing it to impress girls around him.
This shows Hindus just let their girls roam free and have no control over their women. The problem is that non-Muslims have lost control on their women in the name of modernization.

 See the display of indecency by hindu girls and taking pride in being a slut.

In slut walks foreigners are always present. In the Delhi slut walk many foreigners were involved. This shows that slut walks are supported and endorsed by Western people. They are spoiling Indian youth and foolish Hindus are accepting it with both hands. They do not realize that Westernization does not mean Modernization. It is Westernization taking place not modernization.

As I said earlier after the Delhi slut walk more indecent slut walks took place in India. This is the most recent slut walk that took place in Kolkata on June 2013.
Slut walk Kolkata facebook group which contains more than 10,000 members:
Again many foreigners were involved in this slut walk also. The whole thing is endorsed by Western people and doesn't belong to India.

Again so many non-Muslim men taking part in the walk and happily making their sisters sluts. They should first teach their girls how to dress modestly.

These non-Muslim girls say they can do what ever they want, they can go to night clubs, pubs, bars even at 12'o clock at night, they can even drink consume alcohol but no men has the right to stare at them or say anything to them. So basically they want to do all kinds of dirty activities and  still expect men to not even look at them.
As I said earlier, You are trying to confront a basic feeling with which people are born with – hunger, thirst, a need to be recognized, carnal pleasures etc.. are needs of a man. You cant say I will put an aromatic Biryani in front of a hungry person and yet expect him to move over and blame him entirely for trying to have at least a spoon of it.

These girls say that they are very open minded but actually they are closed minded because they don't want to change themselves they say they can do anything they want they can even roam naked on the road and wear anything its their choice. They can do all the immodest and dirty activities like drinking going to pubs etc .They  don't want to change themselves and even if someone advises them to dress decently and be modest they get raged and on the other hand they want men to entirely change themselves, shows how closed minded they are. Its like 'you do everything and I will do nothing and still I will get all the salary'.

Even if the police or anybody else tells them don't roam on roads after 11'o clock they get fumed. See the closed mindedness here. This is not Europe this is India and Indian roads are not safe at night, all kinds of criminals and junkies roam on roads at night and its impossible for police to secure each and every inch of the city. These girls are trying hard to copy western culture. In Europe and USA I have seen there is very little difference between day and night as opposed to most Indian cities which remains totally shut at night and looks like ghost cities.

The blame is shared,  men for trying to have something not his, and the person who put it in front of him to have incited the act.
They are fighting against the basic human nature and can never win. The only solution is that they learn some modesty and decency in dressing and dump all the Western activities like night clubs, discos, drinking liquor etc. They should shape themselves according to India, live accordingly and not try to copy the west.

The girls who justify drinking is not a cause of rape need to see this.
These are statistics of USA, the country which they try to copy.
Drug use, especially alcohol, is frequently involved in rape. A study reported detailed findings related to tactics. In 47% of such rapes, both the victim and the perpetrator had been drinking. In 17%, only the perpetrator had been. 7% of the time, only the victim had been drinking. Rapes where neither the victim nor the perpetrator had been drinking were 29% of all rapes.

"Meri skirt meri marzi".
"My skirt is not responsible for your inability to control yourself".
Again you can see the close mindedness and rigidness of these girls which I earlier pointed out. They are not willing to even take a single step to change themselves and learn some modesty in dressing but expect men to change the basic nature and walk hundred steps.

Our noble Quran rightly pointed out in Quran Surah 4 verse 34 - Men are maintainers of women men have the right to instruct them and don't let them disobey and go to towards the wrong path.
Arrijalu qawwamoonaAAala annisa-i bima faddalaAllahu baAAdahum AAala baAAdin wabimaanfaqoo min amwalihim fassalihatu qanitatunhafithatun lilghaybi bima hafithaAllahu wallatee takhafoonanushoozahunna faAAithoohunna wahjuroohunnafee almadajiAAi wadriboohunna fa-in ataAAnakumfala tabghoo AAalayhinna sabeelan inna Allaha kanaAAaliyyan kabeera
Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

As we have seen non-Muslim Women are hypocrites so are their men. Hindu men are supporting their women in this dirty slut walk and Quran surah 9 verse 67 tells the truth about hypocrites.
Almunafiqoona walmunafiqatubaAAduhum min baAAdin ya/muroona bilmunkariwayanhawna AAani almaAAroofi wayaqbidoona aydiyahum nasooAllaha fanasiyahum inna almunafiqeena humu alfasiqoon

The hypocrite men and hypocrite women are of one another. They enjoin what is wrong and forbid what is right and close their hands. They have forgotten Allah , so He has forgotten them [accordingly]. Indeed, the hypocrites - it is they who are the defiantly disobedient.

These girls want to be sluts and their men supporting them in this act. First they should go learn some modesty which Hindus have failed to teach their girls. Revealing the body is an ancient practice for Hindu girls and it is still going on which we had earlier addressed in these two posts. 
When Muslims came to India they brought some amount of modesty. Either because of fear or willingly Hindu girls started to dress modesty,  they started covering their body some even veiled themselves but it seems like 'old habits die hard'.
Hindus have lost control over their girls. May be Muslims can teach them a lesson in modesty again as they did in the olden times. If this goes on then sharia law is the only solution. Sharia for India is the only solution now.

Some prominent women working in Women welfare organizations in India oppose slut walk. They say that the protests should be decent and according to India not the west. They have said in the past that the name slut walk itself is indecent.

From Hindustan Times (and i quote):
"Their strange stance bemuses me. Earlier feminists had railed against popular culture’s reduction of women to body parts — breasts and buttocks. This belittlement of women as nothing more than sexual objects was regarded as one of the most degrading things that patriarchal societies had done to women.

Yet, this new generation of feminists want to dress in clothes that reveal their breasts and buttocks and demand this ‘self-objectification’ as a ‘right’? Again focusing attention onto their bodies? Is this false consciousness gone mad?

Even the basic argument of SlutWalkers that men should not ogle women who are dressed revealingly is ultimately unrealistic. Yes, a woman can control how she projects herself in the world but she needs to be aware that the way she dresses can trigger certain reactions around her which she cannot control.

My non-Indian friends in Delhi dress more conservatively than they would do in London or New York because they are aware of the cultural differences and wish to protect themselves against possible misinterpretation.

SlutWalkers inhabit a fantasy world if they think they can be invulnerable to the force of culture, history and social conditioning — and the fact that most of us take three seconds to form an opinion of someone based on their appearance or accent.

It’s odd that the women who will be participating in SlutWalk have not been out on the streets denouncing female foeticide or dowry deaths. No doubt they will get their regulation 15 minutes but if they believe that Indian women lie awake at night wishing they could dress like a strumpet without attracting a glance, they are delusional."

Rape hypocrisy and blame game in India

There are many such pages and groups supporting slut walk 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Uttarakhand floods and Hindus

In the recent Uttarakhand floods more than 1000 people have died.
Many environmentalists have said that it is a man-made disaster. Indiscriminate development in the hill towns, with guest houses, hotels and all manners of illegal encroachment taking place along the rivers, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Unchecked construction of roads for enhancing the tourism, and the pollution caused by the growing human presence are some of the major causes for the devastation of Uttarakhand.

The cause of this disaster were Hindus. Hindu pilgrims visit holy places in Uttarakhand like  Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.. Every year lakhs of Hindus visit these places and the pollution caused by the growing human presence are some of the major causes for the devastation of Uttarakhand.
Because of the large number of Hindus from all over India and even from outside India visiting these places roads had to be built by damaging the mountains, various guest houses, shops and hotels were built in places where they should never have been built like along the rivers and on the mountains by digging the mountains which loosens the soil on the mountains.

There is no control over the number of Hindus visiting these places, the government should regulate the number of people visiting the holy places in Uttarakhand to control the pollution caused by growing human presence there.
Uttarakhand Chief Minister said there will be no Kedarnath yaatra for next 2 years, which is good so at lest for next 2 years that place will remain free from human pollution.


Many Hindu temples got damaged even many priests killed in floods. Hindus who were stuck in the floods regretted going to badrinath and kedarnath. They said they should never have come here.
Many Hindus lost their faith in their Gods, they said they cannot believe such a thing can happen to them on the way to holy shrines.
Many lost their family members, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were on the trip to  places like badrinath and kedarnath, later they lost their faith in grief, questioning how can this happen in the place of god.
The stone Gods couldn't even protect their statues and temples from floods how can they protect their people ?
Muslims have time and again told them on social media that their religion is a false, its a pagan religion and it would be good for them if they give up their false religion but they don't listen. It would have been good for them had they accepted the only true religion ie; Islam. Its sad to see that they are suffering just because they were following their religion.