Friday, 6 June 2014

Attitude against rape in India

There is no doubt that West is trying to overplay rape incidents in India while their country is at number 1 spot when it comes to rape. Western attitude towards rape can be seen among Indian Hindu girls who are so happy to copy everything from them. 

Follow the link below to read more about Rape Hypocrisy and blame game, stupid attitude regarding rape which we addressed long time back.

USA is the country where most number of rapes occur.
It is a country where they say women have a lot of freedom but USA is at number 1 position for years as far as rapes and sexual crimes are concerned. Same can be said for European countries United Kingdom, Germany etc.. All so called ultra-modern countries among the top while India who tries to copy everything from them is at 2nd spot with much higher population.
Why is there no Muslim country in the list ? 
Because Islam is the solution. Women are safe under the blanket of sharia. Islam teaches decency and modesty in dressing and behavior. Islam doesn't promote this kind of reckless attitude "I will roam naked on the street". She says its her choice even if she wants to roam naked on the street.
Most of this kind of stubborn, irresponsible, indecent attitude is promoted by Western organizations and media into Indian minds.

Rational view on Priyanka's statement
I have the right to walk at night in a bad neighborhood, flashing expensive jewellery, and gadgets, and cash, and whatnot. But I wouldn't do it, because the mugger isn't gonna care about my rights to walk freely anywhere I want. He is going to rob me. I am not saying that women who get raped were asking for it, by wearing 'provocative' clothing. It's just that the woman should know that the average rapist doesn't care about your rights.

Here is a balance. A girl who goes out naked should be aware that there may be consequences. The girl should be aware of the fact THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Rape is never okay, but IT HAPPENS IN THIS WORLD just like any other crime , and you are being totally naive if you think it's okay to go out naked and not expect something untoward to happen.

Simply put, it's like owning an expensive car in a bad neighborhood. You know it's a bad neighborhood, and because you value your car, you lock the doors, keep it in the garage, and install a car alarm. You care for your car so you take all precautionary measures so that it won't get stolen. Walking around naked and expecting nothing to happen is like leaving the car with its doors open outside on the street, and when it gets stolen, you blame all the carjackers and say that you have no fault in it. If you value yourself and your body, cover it. Respect yourself and be respected as well.