Monday, 15 September 2014

Deepika Padukone cleavage drama queen

Deepika Padukone is showing her anger over a video posted by Times of India highlighting her cleavage.
Let us inform her that there are hundreds of videos on youtube and internet showing her exposed cleavage you may see
Where was she till now was she sleeping ? What caused this sudden change of heart looks like a drama, not surprised its coming from a Hindu girl. First  they show then if anyone looks at it they cry over it. During the early days when she was new in Bollywood it was all right because she was getting the attention looking to set foot in the film industry but now that she is established in the industry we see the whining.
Wearing clothes which exposes cleavage and since she is a celebrity and not expect anyone to objectify her or look at her body is the biggest paradox. May be she should quit bollywood, change her life style and work in decent documentary movies if she is serious enough.
If you want people to not look then simply not wear those kinds of clothes which attracts attention and follow modest dressing.
There are countless scenes in various movies where she is exposing her cleavage and attracting audiences first she should set an example and stop all that and then complain.
Their attitude is like they can roam naked on the street without any clothes on and expect nothing to happen no one would do or say anything to them. Its something Priyanka Chopra believes in something which is not possible in real life in civilized socities, oh yes its possible in stone age they should live in stone age then.
This is the same girl who romanced with Daud and his brother Aziz, not a surprise
Hypocrisy is an art.
People have brain.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Muslims only apartments in Greater Noida

Gulistaan Golf View Heights - as "dream homes for elite Muslim brotherhood". The apartments - 368 in all, priced at between Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,750 per sq feet - are coming up on 3.5 acres in Sports City, Greater Noida. It will have a mosque, a madrassa, and will face Qibla - the direction a Muslim faces when offering prayers. Construction is likely to begin by the end of this month.
"These are going to be dream houses for Muslims in Sports City," said Saleem Zafar, owner and CEO of Adarsh Group. "We have been able to make it a reality after a long struggle. A lot of our emotions are invested in this because we wish to give the Muslims of India an opportunity to experience a best-in-class living experience. They should move out from their colonies and shift into plush apartments like this." Aftab Alam, a TV professional living in NCR for the past 14 years, feels there is logic behind this. "For Muslim families, listening to the azaan in the morning and evening is very significant. That's why most families try and live close to mosques. Also, celebrating festivals becomes difficult in mixed-community areas. Apart from this, it is not easy for a Muslim family to find a house in certain areas of Delhi as many landlords still have reservations about renting houses to Muslims, which forces them to rent houses in only Muslim-friendly areas of NCR." "We are very clear that by building Muslim-only apartments, our intention is to provide the Muslims of NCR a high-quality living experience, which is friendly to their culture. People of different communities have different lifestyles and an apartment with a mosque and madrassa would definitely be a great experience for the Muslim families who can afford to buy these flats. This is just a step towards the development of the community," Zafar added.   

Friday, 29 August 2014

Hindu culture of seduction and love jihad myth

The myth of Love Jihad is epic. This is a country where majority of the girls are Hindus so it is inevitable that Muslim boys will more often than not get Hindu girls and a small percentage of such relationships are bound to get sour or end up poorly as it happens in so many relationships.

But this is not the complete picture. The Indian Muslim Post tells the truth whether anyone likes it or not it is not for anyone to judge the ultimate authority of judging someone rests in the hands of the Allah and so no Muslim can judge another Muslim even if non-Muslims call someone a terrorist.

Now there are so many Muslim countries too where Muslim girls are in majority and minorities live alongside them but such type of things don't happen in those countries that a Muslim girl running away with a non-Muslim like Hindu girls willingly elope with Muslim boys. WHY ???? Because its a cultural thing.

Of course there are always some exceptions even among Muslims but they are negligible.

Its because of Hindu culture, we have stressed this cultural thing before also in many of our previous articles like why hindu girls show their skin, rise of sex in navratri etc..

There is a huge cultural difference between Muslim and Hindu girls. Muslim girls are proud, dignified and don't have relationships with men of other communities they think about their community and religion first and marry within their religion no matter how modern they may look.

Hindus when they go to western countries some of  them think themselves as westerners, but we know they don't have an equal footing.  Some of them become arrogant, some of them change their attire, dressing style and even the way of thinking.
But here is the difference, More Muslim girls wear hijab, niqab and their traditional dresses when they go to or live in the western countries than in their native Muslim countries. Why??? To preserve their culture and identity. Its done deliberately and willingly by them and not forced by anyone. The westerners hate this they want to change everyone but Muslims will remain Muslims even if they have to put their lives in danger for it. Birmingham Metropolitan College was forced to lift the veil ban after Muslim students stud up and protested.
Pics above are not from any Muslim country but from England and the same is true for other countries of Europe. All Muslims are proud of it.

Hindu girls are free to flock and flaunt. This would give you an insight.
tattoo hare rama hare krishna... Its in their culture Plus western utopia has filled their minds. Hindu culture + Postmodern Western culture = Deadly cocktail.
A hindu mother dressing her daughter in a slutty fashion. The white arrow in the background shows a painting of some hindu gods.
Hindu mother bikini training.
So they get all the training from the childhood from their mothers, they dont have to go anywhere else. By the time they reach high school and college they are desperate for boyfriends and its easy for Muslim boys to get them and they also fall for Muslim boys who in most cases are smarter and stronger. Since these girls are in majority Muslim boys have no shortage of supply. I believe the ratio between Hindu girls and Muslim boys is 8:1 can be larger depends on the demographics of the place. 8 Hindu girls 1 Muslim boy in schools, colleges, workplaces etc.

Hindu girls have relationships with Muslim boys in schools, colleges and most women who marry Muslims are independent working class Hindu women or they fall in love with them while studying in college or university and few year later they marry, unless the Hindu girl is married off to some Hindu by their parents.

Roosh V wrote in his book "30 bangs" that - "If I have a daughter, I would go and live in the mountains because I would not want my daughter to be like the girls I slept with." 
This cannot be done in real life but what can be done is teaching the girls Islamic culture and values which Muslims do.
Muslims who sleep with Hindu girls who are in majority know about them therefore when they become fathers they don't want their daughters to be like a Hindu girls. For Hindus its a cultural thing.

This gives another answer and I believe this and so many of us.
Non-Muslims ask if Islam is the only true religion then why Allah made other religions.  One answer to this is that Allah is the god of all Abrahamic religions, the Abrahamic religions went through transition, Islam was the last and the perfect uncorrupted Abrahamic religion and the pagan religions of the Indian subcontinent are no more than fairy tale stories and not made by Allah.

And the second answer to this why people from other religions exist if Islam is the only true religion;
this seems to be one of the reasons,
Hindu girls exist because of Hindus and Hindu girls seem to be taking care of sexual needs of Muslim men in India and so is true for girls of other communities in other places where Muslims exist. So I hope you got your answer. Allah has given everything.

Now the Hindus cannot blame their girls for going with Muslims nor they can control them because then the sense of feminist equality inside them will erupt and so the only thing they can do is blame the Muslims and so we hear love jihad rhetoric.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Attitude against rape in India

There is no doubt that West is trying to overplay rape incidents in India while their country is at number 1 spot when it comes to rape. Western attitude towards rape can be seen among Indian Hindu girls who are so happy to copy everything from them. 

Follow the link below to read more about Rape Hypocrisy and blame game, stupid attitude regarding rape which we addressed long time back.

USA is the country where most number of rapes occur.
It is a country where they say women have a lot of freedom but USA is at number 1 position for years as far as rapes and sexual crimes are concerned. Same can be said for European countries United Kingdom, Germany etc.. All so called ultra-modern countries among the top while India who tries to copy everything from them is at 2nd spot with much higher population.
Why is there no Muslim country in the list ? 
Because Islam is the solution. Women are safe under the blanket of sharia. Islam teaches decency and modesty in dressing and behavior. Islam doesn't promote this kind of reckless attitude "I will roam naked on the street". She says its her choice even if she wants to roam naked on the street.
Most of this kind of stubborn, irresponsible, indecent attitude is promoted by Western organizations and media into Indian minds.

Rational view on Priyanka's statement
I have the right to walk at night in a bad neighborhood, flashing expensive jewellery, and gadgets, and cash, and whatnot. But I wouldn't do it, because the mugger isn't gonna care about my rights to walk freely anywhere I want. He is going to rob me. I am not saying that women who get raped were asking for it, by wearing 'provocative' clothing. It's just that the woman should know that the average rapist doesn't care about your rights.

Here is a balance. A girl who goes out naked should be aware that there may be consequences. The girl should be aware of the fact THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Rape is never okay, but IT HAPPENS IN THIS WORLD just like any other crime , and you are being totally naive if you think it's okay to go out naked and not expect something untoward to happen.

Simply put, it's like owning an expensive car in a bad neighborhood. You know it's a bad neighborhood, and because you value your car, you lock the doors, keep it in the garage, and install a car alarm. You care for your car so you take all precautionary measures so that it won't get stolen. Walking around naked and expecting nothing to happen is like leaving the car with its doors open outside on the street, and when it gets stolen, you blame all the carjackers and say that you have no fault in it. If you value yourself and your body, cover it. Respect yourself and be respected as well.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Modi’s Victory to Militarize India Muslims

Amid increasing anti-Muslim sentiments, new signs of radicalizations appeared among India’s Muslim community, though the number involved remained extremely small.

A recently retired US official described Modi to The Guardian as a “lightning rod both for internal and Pakistan-based militant groups.”

BJP extremist comments were adding to Muslim concerns inside and outside India.

Signs appeared last year after videos released by a newly formed extremist group calling itself Ansar ul Tauheed al Hindi and apparently based in Afghanistan or western Pakistan called for violent attacks in India in revenge for 2002 Gujarat massacre and sectarian violence in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh earlier in 2013.

One video, called From Kandahar to Delhi, refers to Indians, who the group said had joined their ranks.

There have also been a series of bombings that have been blamed on a local Islamic militant cell.

Security officials in India are concerned that the imminent withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan will trigger increased violence, especially in Kashmir.

The conflict in Afghanistan has acted as a pressure valve for many of the most extreme groups and the Pakistani security establishment “might feel the need to let them vent”, said Nigel Inkster, at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

The victory of BJP would now wake up Indian Muslims and many of the sleeper cells to a much larger extent. They may now seek to take revenge against the Hindu majority for betraying the country and electing into power a fascist leader. Its not the Muslims who have to fear because a Muslim fears no one but Allah but its the Hindus for following an extremist leader.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

3 killed Sikh and Muslim riot in Hyderabad police backing sikhs behind the scene

Curfew was imposed in Rajendranagar police station area under Cyberabad Commissionerate in Hyderabad on Wednesday, following communal clashes and death of three persons in police firing.

Trouble broke out near Sikh Chawni near Bahadurpura, adjacent to the Old City, after miscreants burnt a religious flag in the early hours of Wednesday. Tension gripped the area as members of a community attacked two youths blaming them for the flag burning incident.

At least 2 to 3 people were killed in the police firing.

Now the truth:
All the people killed were Muslims because the Hindu majority police and security forces were backing the Sikhs from behind the scenes.

Sikhs gather and raise up swords and daggers. Armed Sikhs set some Muslim houses on fire and caused damage to their property.
Rapid Action Force and Border Security Force officers which were stationed for election security was immediately called in. Paramilitary forces first fired tear gas shells and then opened indiscriminate firing over stone-pelters killing one on the spot seriously giving lethal injuries to 20 others; another youth later succumbed to injury in olive hospital.
Sources claim till now four persons have succumbed to bullet injuries, all of them Muslims.

Sikhs with the police.
Sikhs with weapons in front of the police who are backing the Sikhs.

West trying to destroy india by overplaying rape incidents

This is an article from and American website. Here is the source:

"How do you backdoor Social Marxism into a country? The same way you’d do it here to a small community: invent a pressing problem with a protect victim — gays, women, minorities, children — and demand investigations, public dialogues and other tools designed to make the people there hate themselves.
Then they’ll be grateful when you come in to saveTM them “from themselves.”
Right now, the Western liberal elite media is hive-minding about rape in India. See here, here, here, here, and here (CNN reporting on its own crowd-sourced report).
This fits into the modern narrative of “putting out fires”: overworked, we soldier on, but then we notice a problem so urgent that we must even break out of the normal drudgery of modern life. Rape! That’s as bad as racism… wait, nothing is as bad as racism… it might be racist, but at least one of these victims is white, so… almost as bad as racism. But still very bad.
Finding a problem like this justifies our intervention. It justifies summoning up ten thousand Slutwalks, several Public Dialogues, many collaborative art projects, thousands of investigative journalism pieces, at least a dozen public speeches, and perhaps the sale of 1.2m self-help books about rape, how to avoid it, and how feminism will save us.
And that last point is worth noting: how feminism will save us. The point is to use this justification for action as a backdoor to bring in Western liberal elite-style feminism, which requires a backdrop of Social Marxism, which in turn requires the liberal concept of progress and with a few quick steps, we can dominate this society with our neurosis too.
Cynics like myself think that the point of this expansion is power, with a side dose of “misery loves company.” Or in other words, we’re not going down alone. Everyone must join us in our maniacal quest for Ideological purity and if it destroys us, it will destroy them, and we’ll all be equal in destruction.
But how real are these claims? A helpful BBC article provides some statistics:

It says that the city of Delhi, home to 7.5 million women, recorded 585 cases of rape in 2012, compared with a total of 484 cases from the cities of Mumbai (232 cases), Calcutta (68), Chennai (94) and Bangalore (90 cases). Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta are megacities with populations of more than 10 million people.
Let’s compare that to statistics from major American cities. New York had 1,092 rapes in 2011. Los Angeles had 828 rapes in 2011. Chicago had 1,439 rapes in 2009 (the most recent year they reported statistics). Houston had 771 rapes in 2011.
In other words, Delhi probably has fewer rapes than most big American cities. Where’s the outrage? Oh, we already have feminism. Time for another Slutwalk.
Western elites spread their cancerous liberalism through jihads such as the manufactured “India rape crisis.” By ignoring statistical evidence, and instead picking a few of the inevitable crimes of a big city, the media can make it appear as if a crisis appears where none exists.
The audience for this media, naive in the belief that the news somehow reports on factual reality, will see the increasing frequency of stories and assume that there is an increasing frequency of crime, when in fact the rate of crime is lower than where they live.
However, this gives the left their true source of power, which is socialization. In every chattering circle, people can talk about rape in India as if they knew something. This embarrasses Indians, and motivates them to atone for that by importing Western-style liberalism and with it, cultural Marxism and other forms of social control."

At the moment biased anti-male rape laws have been passed in India with the backing of the media and because of the protests and pressure exerted by many women groups to pass the biased laws, now its a free hand for women. They can go around in semi-naked and revealing clothes begging for attention without any accountability. On top of that  men don't even have the right to look at them there cannot be a bigger hypocrisy than that.
It is a fact that in India there is so much hypocrisy about rape women don't even want to acknowledge 000.1% of the mistake. Read this article for more
How can it be that in 100% of the cases mistake is only one sided? There is always the other side of the coin and at present the biased rape laws don't even look at the other side and pass the judgement.
This is what American style liberalism is which they want to backdoor and spread in every country.
There are more rape cases in USA and the western media is raving about rape cases in India as a strategy and an opportunity to backdoor western style libralism and radical feminism into India.
And its an easy task for them to spread western ideas here in a plagiarized hindu majority country which tries to copy everything from the west.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Mulayam singh and Abu Azmi deamonized for rape comments

Mulayam Singh Yadav said rapists should not be given death penalty. What he meant was recently rape cases have been overplayed in the media and for every rape case women groups demand death punishment but sometimes there is a mistake and for mistakes death penalty should not be given. Mulayam said "men commit mistakes but they can't be hanged for it.'

He emphasized to change biased laws so that those misusing it are punished. There is no doubt that rape and domestic violence laws are biased and against men.

Yadav also said boys and girls fall in love but due to differences they fall apart later on. "When their friendship goes sour , the girl complains that she has been raped," he said, stressing the need for changes in biased rape laws.
It is a fact that many times rape laws are misused and those who take advantage of it should be punished severely.

Within 48 hours Abu Azmi came forward and said if a woman and a man have sexual relationship which only a husband and wife are allowed to have in that case both male and female are punished according to Islam.

He said that rape was punishable by death in Islam.  “Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty.”
Azmi told the truth it takes two hands to clap. Tali kabhi ek haath se nahi bajti.

He went on to add that, “In India, if you have sex with a person with consent, it’s fine. But if that same person complains, it’s a problem. Nowadays, we see a lot of such cases. Girls complain when someone touches them, and even when someone doesn’t touch them. It becomes a problem then, and the man’s honour is ruined in this. If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam.”

Talking about the solution to the 'problem' of rape, Azmi said that both, the woman and the man involved, should be hanged.
What he said makes sense because if both sides will be punished then women will start acting and dressing decently and this would stop indecent dressing and provocation. 
At the moment because of biased laws its a free hand for the women. They can go around in semi-naked and revealing clothes begging for attention without any accountability. On top of that  men don't even have the right to look at them there cannot be a bigger hypocrisy than that.
It is a fact that in India there is so much hypocrisy about rape women don't even want to acknowledge .1% of the mistake. Read this article for more
How can it be that in 100% of the cases mistake is only one sided? There is always the other side of the coin and at present the biased rape laws don't even look at the other side and pass the judgement.

This is what American style liberalism is which they want to backdoor in every country. They are now demonizing Abu Azmi saying that he should be hanged for putting his views forward the same so call liberal  and tolerant media who says everyone has the right to his/her views.

There are more rape cases in USA and the western media is raving about rape cases in India as a strategy and an opportunity to backdoor western style libralism and radical feminism into India.
And its an easy task for them to spread western ideas here in a plagiarized hindu majority country which tries to copy everything from the west.

mistakes but they can't be hanged for it

Read more at:
mistakes but they can't be hanged for it

This is what American style liberalism is which they want to backdoor in every country.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Muslim tiger Imran Masood against Narendra Modi

Fearless speech by Imran Masood a politician from Saharanpur against criminal Narendra Modi.
Most of the Hindu majority media is going mad about this speech and criticizing it but we should be proud and support people like Imran Masood and Akbaruddin Owaisi against murderers like Modi.
Imran Masood spoke from his heart and it shows Muslims want people like Modi to be punished.

Mr Masood said
"I dont do politics just siting at home. I am a man of the street, ready to die or kill for my people and friends. I am not afraid of death."
"I can fight against Modi, I will teach him a lesson. He thinks this is Gujarat. There are only 4% Muslims in Gujarat. There are 35% Muslims here. If he tries to convert our land into Gujarat, then we will chop him into pieces."

Monday, 24 March 2014

Two falsely detained Jamia residents released after protests

It is a well known fact that the Hindu majority police detains Muslim youths on false terror charges without any evidence, many of them are even jailed. 
The police with their dirty tricks link Muslim youths to some terrorists which gives them enough reason to arrest them.
In yet another instance the police detained two Jamia residents to which the local people responded and protested, Congress and Aaam Admi party also joined in to protest against the false detention.
The police later released the two Muslim students which shows that the police had no evidence against them.

Kejriwal: A Hindu by faith A Muslim by practice

When Arvind Kejriwal was delivering his inaugural speech as Chief Minister of Delhi I was sitting in another  room and listening to him. All of a sudden I heard him saying ‘Mai Allah Ka Shukrya Ada Karta Hun’, I got confused and went to the room where the TV set was on. O my God, it was Kejriwal who uttered this sentence of gratefulness. I did not hear such words of praise of Almighty even from the mouth of a Muslim politician in India.

When I see Kejriwal’s sacrifice and his struggle for the cause of common man, when I see his austerity, his simple life style, his honesty and his straightforwardness I wish he were Muslim. Whatever he calling for or doing is absolutely the teaching of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad said: ‘The best among the people is the one who does good to the people’. It’s Kejriwal who is doing good to the people, who is striving for the betterment of people, who is fighting for the upliftment of the people from  long time.

Prophet Muhammad said that ‘Your worst enemy is your ego’.

Kejriwal in his inaugural speech as the CM asked his supporters to shun all kind of ego otherwise a new movement may start to end our ego.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Those who take bribe and those who give bribe, both will go to hell’. It’s Kejriwal who is fighting against all kinds of bribe and corruptions. It is Kejriwal who took oath from the people to neither take bribe nor give bribe to anyone.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Cleanliness is the part of Imaan. When Kejriwal was income tax commissioner he used to clean his  table, when he became politician he took the broom and started cleaning the system.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘Simplicity is the part of Imaan.’ Look at the simplicity of Kejriwal. He is the simplest person by any standard.

Once Prophet Muhammad was sitting on his foot, one of his companions asked ‘why are you sitting like this? The prophet said ‘I am a servant of Almighty Allah and I sit like a servant’. Kejriwal always says ‘meri koee auqaat nhi’  ‘meri koee haisiyat nahi’ I am nothing, I have no status.

Prophet Muhammad said ‘The best form of jihad is to say the truth before the oppressive rulers’. Kejriwal is telling the truth before the rulers.

Muslims believe that the time of death is fixed, and no power of this world can put off  it for a moment. By refusing his security Kejriwal has proved that he also believes in the fixed time of death. He told media persons that if God wants to kill him, no one can save him. And if does not want, no one can kill him.

Islam is the greatest advocate of brotherhood, and it declares all mankind the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Kejriwal gave the massage of brotherhood by singing the song…insaan se insaan ka ho bhaee chara yahi paigham hamara’

Kejriwal is one of the few Hindu politicians in my knowledge who don’t follow the unethical policy of Chanakya who advocated to ignore all kinds of ethics to grab the power at any cost.

The way Kejriwal and his ministers are roaming freely and contacting people in a move to redress their grievances and solve their problem reminds us the Caliphs of Islamic history when Muslim Caliphs used to roam into the streets to know the problems of the masses.

If Kejriwal really wants to eliminate the corruptions from the society he must know that legislation can never and will never end the corruption from the society. The legislation on rape is before us. In spite of most stringent legislation after 16 Dec incident last year the crime against women rose to 400% in Delhi itself.

Kejriwal needs to apply the following model to end the corruption from the society if he really wants to do so.

During one of his frequent disguised journeys to survey the condition of his people, Caliph Umar overheard a milkmaid refusing to obey her mother’s orders to sell adulterated milk. The mother reportedly told her daughter to add water to the milk as Caliph Umar is not there looking at them. The girl shot back that though Caliph Umar is not looking at them, Allah is always watching over everyone. Next morning Omar sent an officer to purchase milk from the girl and learned that she had kept her resolve; the milk was unadulterated. Umar summoned the girl and her mother to his court and told them what he had heard. Then he offered to marry the girl to his son Asim as a reward. She accepted, and from this union was born a girl named Layla that would in due course become the mother of Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz  (682 A.D.) who is known as Omar II in the Islamic history .

Caliph Omar II was the mightiest ruler of his time on the planet whose authority was spread in three continents – but  Umar died in Ra jab 101 AH at the age of 38 in a rented house at the place called Dair Sim’aan near Homs in Syria . He was buried in Dair Sim’aan on a piece of land he had purchased from a Christian. He reportedly left behind only 17 dinars with a will that out of this amount the rent of the house in which he died and the price of the land in which he was buried would be paid.

Once his wife found him weeping after prayers. She asked what had happened. He replied: “I have been made the ruler over the Muslims and I was thinking of the poor who are starving, and the sick who are destitute, and the naked who are in distress, and the oppressed that are stricken, and the stranger that is in prison, and the venerable elder, and him that had a large family and small means, and the like of them in countries of the earth and the distant provinces, and I felt that my Lord would ask me about them on the Day of Resurrection, and I feared that no defense would avail me (at that time), and I wept.”

The Facebook page of Kejriwal describes him as Gandhis’ Talisman. If  Kejriwal really wants to solve the problems of the masses then he must follow the advice of   Gandhi .Just after the independence in his speech delivered in Kolkata  Mahatma Gandhi said ” that if India finds a man like Omar ibn Khatab all the problems will be solved”.

Gandhi was the greatest supporter of Caliphate Movement and was much influenced by the second Caliph Omar.

Anyway what is supposed to be done by Muslims, Kejriwal is doing,what is responsibility of a Muslim is being performed by Kejriwal , that is why i say ‘Kejriwal is a Hindu by faith and Muslim by practice’  because Islam is a all about  worshiping  God and serving  the  humanity .


Monday, 17 March 2014

Holi Festival of colors or indecency and vulgarity

Is Holi a really a festival of colors or is it a festival of  indecency, debauchery, inebriety and sex ?

We read in books that Holi is a festival of colors and it is no one is denying that but only from outside from inside it is much fore than that.

Here is the truth about Holi. We are posting these pics not to spread indecency but to show you the truth.
Long ago we talked about Hindu girls like to show their body and Holi is just another event where they get a chance to openly flaunt their body and mingle with men.

Alcohol and bhang are quite common in Holi. Even the girls are not behind in consuming alcohol and indulging in indecent sexual activities during the auspicious day of Holi, all happening in the name of modernization.
A Picture speaks a thousand words, there is no need to tell you more.

Modern Indian non-muslim middle class women turning indecent

In the name of liberalization and modernization indecency and vulgarity among non-Muslims especially Hindu girls is increasing at a rapid rate. We discussed about this many times in the past here are some of the previous posts:

Below is a fine piece of article we like to share with you. Though this is from a Pakistani website which we do not endorse but every thing written in the article is 100% true.

"In the western societies sex is somewhat less of a hole-in-the-corner affair. You can see couples furtively necking and going as far as penetration in their zeal in the streets, bars, open air, beaches; women flaunting their figures outrageously and dressing up as little as could be possible to the extent that you could see the hair follicles. Men and women binge drink until they drop flat on streets and lose all sense of morality and make an exhibition of bestiality that would shame even a swine. In the West, modern women are like whores who would go to bed with any man for one night stand even for a bar of chocolate or if they fancy having puff of his cigarette.

In India, this thing is fast catching up with their youth: abortion and hymen repair is a flourishing trade with the gynaecologists. Bollywood is leading the way in aping the west’s lewd morals or shall I say simulating and showing various copulating positions of Kama Sutra by their deities on the walls of Hindu temples as well in erotic dancing on the cinema cope and television screen. I am not being squeamishness about sexual matters but if the Bollywood producers and directors wished to know who is a global whore: it is not only a good time girl that sells her body for money; bares her flesh for lust; shows her body parts semi-nude on TV commercials; one does the cat-walk on the fashion parades; strip tease and pole dancers but also those who appear semi-nude on TV dramas and programmes and advertise vulgarity and immorality. Hindu fundamentalists, fanatic and right-wing parties and individuals protest and object vehemently about the bare-bosom Indian padminis modelling clothes in all provocative manners when so many Hindu temples in India house licentious statues of deities engraved on the walls copulating in all possible ways and displaying whole sets of Kama Sutra.

And why should these fundamentalists object on any moral grounds when these fashion parades bring billions of dollars to the Indian economy? Bollywood movies are full of females wearing as little as possible, showing their every curve and dancing around like hookers as if they are looking for customers. Breasts are not only adornments of a woman's anatomy but also are sign of her fecundity, and therefore she must not display them for marketing garments or advertising for commercial greed. Everyone seems to be singing Bollywood songs these days but it is imperative to mention that Mumbai has become one of the biggest sin capitals of the world where sun sets in midday and nights are for lewd debauchery and sex in every available corner.

In Islam, emphasis is attached to modesty in dress: a woman is to cover all that is beneath her neck and refrain from exposing bare flesh and a man must also cover him and never expose from the navel down. In Islam men and women are born equal with same the same civil, judicial, social and political rights afforded to men but in a family unit: there should be only one ''boss' and that is the husband. Otherwise, with two bosses in the house, there will always will be conflicts, disagreements, disputes, and mistrust and if there are children in the house, they will suffer from the tension. In Islam, a mother is rewarded with 75% right of love, affection and respect of her children over the father but in a household, the husband is the corner stone of a family unit. A husband must not mistreat his wife but love her with respect, and give her full domestic, social and conjugal rights and the wife must consider her husband as the , "Mukhkam" of her family and give him his due respect, attention, service, obedience, and bring up her children as good citizen of the state and 'momins'.

Islam is the most wonderful deene hyaat that affords equality, justice and fairness to every human being irrespective of the gender; without the distinction of colour and race; without the consideration of the colour of the skin but both sexes must respect each others' biological and physiological limitations. Women are born to give birth to civilizations and men must give them protection, safety, security, love, and fulfil their financial and social needs and the wife as the mother of his children must keep the family unit going and moving in good days and bad days."

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Salman Khurshid calls Narendra Modi impotent (napunsak)

Salman Khurshid rightly calls Narendra Modi impotent (napunsak) and most of the hindu majority media and the BJP is demonizing him on this issue.
Kurshid said,"We don't accuse you (Modi) of killing people... Hamara aarop hai ki tum 'napunsak' (impotent) ho. (Our accusation is that you are impotent). You couldn't stop the killers," he added. 'napunsak' is a term used for impotent men in Hindi.

Salman rightly described Modi what he truely is and  these is absolutely no need for Salman to apologize for his comments.

FARRUKHABAD:  Union minister Salman Khurshid described Narendra Modi as "impotent", a remark that invited a sharp condemnation from the BJP.

The external affairs minister's fresh salvo against the BJP prime ministerial candidate at a rally came as he raised questions on the Gujarat chief minister's handling of the post-Godhra riots in 2002. Khurshid had once compared Modi to the proverbial frog just out of the well.

Without taking the name of Modi, Khurshid, who is a sitting MP from Farrukhabad, asked why a man who aspires to be the prime minister of the country could not do anything during the 2002 riots.

"Some people came, attacked and went, and you couldn't protect. Are you not a strong man?," the senior Congress leader asked.

"We don't accuse you (Modi) of killing people... Hamara aarop hai ki tum 'napunsak' (impotent) ho. (Our accusation is that you are impotent). You couldn't stop the killers," he added. 'napunsak' is a term used for impotent men in Hindi.

Modi's close aide and Gujarat minister Jay Narayan Vyas said Khurshid's "absolutely indecent comment" reflected the "frustration" of the Congress leaders ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

"They are so frustrated that they have lost control over their mind and tongue," Vyas, who is spokesman for the Gujarat government said, and recalled Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's tea seller jibe at Modi.

BJP leader Sudhanshu Mittal said he was saddened at the kind of language coming from somebody who claims himself to be educated and observed it is "debasement of politics" of the worst kind.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hindu festival Navratri, sex and rise in condom sales

Navratri is an important nine day festival Hindu festival. Navratri is celebrated with Garba and Dandiya-Raas dance. Garba is celebrated whole night. During Garba night men and women mingle with each other and it is a fact that during Navratri month female pregnancy and sale of condoms and contraceptive pills are on a high. This is reported by media on almost every navratri.
For example:
IbnLive reports:
Fest Boom: Surat condom sales soars during Navratris
The exuberance of Navratri and the unhindered gaiety and celebration during the festive season can sometimes evoke basic instincts among most young people.

After all, if one throws young, eligible, and brightly dressed young people together for nine continuous nights, there's bound to be a lot of love in the air.

And in many cities in Gujarat, like Surat, that love leads to a unique festival trend, something that could easily be considered the side-effect of festivities.

"Pregnancies and abortions are rising, that has been the observation by doctors and gynecologists over the last few years," says Surat-based sexologist Mukul Choksey.

Sexual activity, doctors say, is at its peak during this time.

“During the whole year it should be maximum during these days. Except 31st night, this is the only occasion when for total 10 days they have this freedom,” says Choksey.

In fact, conclusive evidence of this trend can be found at the various chemists shops in the city. Contraceptive sales keep their cash registers ringing.

“The sale of contraceptives goes up by 20 to 30 per cent. Condoms record the highest sale during Navratri season,” says a chemist Himanshu Yagnik.

So if there's festivity in the air, and romance on the mind, there’s only one caution: play it safe. 


Reported by Indian express
Sex and Navratri: 43 short stories
Full news article:-

Another report by an Indian news website
As garba season sizzles, condom sales hot up
Full news:-

Garba & Dandiya Sex : Concern during Navratri season 2012
Full article-

Navratri abortion 
Full article-

This are many more articles on this topic.

This is the story of every Navratri. Almost all media news papers and channels report this. So it is a proven fact that during Navratris sale of condoms, contraceptive pills, female pregnancies and abortions are on a rise.

This is their culture. Garba night is nothing but an occasion where Hindu ladies reveal and flaunt their bodies.

 Raheel Khursheed is the head of Twitter India appointed by twitter.
What Raheel thinks about Navratri festival. He posted this on twitter a long time ago.
What he said was absolutely true. Navratri seems to be about sex and condoms. It was a brave and true comment from Raheel.

Raheel Khursheed telling the truth about navratri festival

Raheel Khursheed is the head of Twitter India appointed by twitter.
and look what Raheel thinks about Navratri festival. He posted this on twitter.
What he said was absolutely true. Navratri season seems to be about sex and condoms. It was a brave and true statement from Raheel.
Here is the proof of what he said is in fact absolutely true.

Why most Hindus dont like Raheel Khursheed appointement as twitter India head

Raheel Khursheed a Kashmiri Muslim is the head of Twitter India appointed by twitter. 
Many including the BJP are saying that twitter should remove him from the post.

Most Hindus don't like Raheel Khurshee.
#1 He is very vocal about Kashmir issue.
#2  He has criticized Narendra Modi and called him fascist and murderer of Muslims which is true.
#3 He has also criticized Rahul Gandhi and congress for its policies with is also not false.

#4 He said the truth about Hindu festival Navratri. Linked Navratri to Durex upwas condoms as it is a fact that sale of condoms and pills, pregnancy and abortion rates go up during navratri month.
Here is a proof of this: 

So overall  what he said is all true and haters will keep on hating.

Hindus worried as twitter appoints Raheel Khursheed as new twitter India head

Raheel Khursheed, a former journalist and online activist’s new job as head of Twitter India’s news, politics and government division has not been welcomed by many.

Not surprising. The 30-year-old’s acerbic tweets on India’s political heavyweights, including Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, and his Kashmiri identity have not earned him friends.

"Twitter has been successful in becoming global by being a neutral as well as open-ended platform of communication. I am afraid that this appointment will hamper that image in India," Arvind Gupta, head of information technology cell of the Bharatiya Janata Party told the tabloid, Mint.

On BJP Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Modi, Khursheed had tweeted: 'Modi is 70% Fascist.19.9% Market Capitalist.10% Democratic.0.1% Secular'.

His tweets on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi included a critique of his political career as hovering 'between the insipid and the uninspiring' and his recent Jaipur speech as 'laughable'.

Khursheed’s Twitter account has clocked 44,210 tweets and has 7,180 followers on the microblogging site where he’s been active since 2008.

A BJP support group has petitioned the online pressure group,, to remove him from his new role at Twitter India, with over 2,000 supporters asking for Khursheed’s removal.

The petition, addressed to the CEO and the Board of Twitter Inc, accuses Khursheed of "displaying sheer contempt and hate" for Modi.

Khursheed's new job description says he will 'lead strategies that scale up Twitter's reach and impact with news, government and political users'.

Twitter and Indian politics

Given the nature of the social microblogging site where support and shaming with little or no censorship is allowed, Khursheed's recent past as an active Twitterati has had him firing his guns at the Indian political establishment.

Indian politicians and movie stars have begun to use Twitter as a platform to speak up.

Most political leaders have taken to Twitter, including the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi and senior ranking Congress and AAP leaders.

Statistics in the Mint, based on the Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau) say Twitter has more than 20 million users in India.

Whether Khursheed’s new job role will affect and halt his earlier frank-speak through his tweets is to be seen.

Even as his appointment has made it to reports in the media and online webzines, and congratulatory messages flooding his Facebook page, Khursheed has chosen to keep mum.

When contacted by Al Jazeera, Khursheed responded, "I have no comments to make."

India, China may step towards Islamic finance

 India and China may step towards the Islamic finance in 2014 where more than 200 million Muslim populations are in compatible search of a financial system with their religious beliefs and thoughts. There is no doubt that international financial crisis will not hit the Islamic finance industry but due to the Arab Spring, Islamic finance industry has faced recession in some countries of MENA but there are chances of revival in 2014.

These views were expressed by Islamic Finance expert, Zubair Mughal who is also CEO of Al Huda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) while commenting on Islamic finance industry in 2014. According to him, Islamic finance will grow with rapid pace in the year 2014 and its volume will pass through $ 2 trillion where Islamic banking keeps 78%, Sukuk 16%, Takaful 1%, Islamic Funds 4% and Islamic Microfinance has 1% share in the Islamic Finance industry.

In the year 2014, Dubai and London will be in competition to be the global hub of Islamic Banking and Finance while Kuala Lumpur will also attempt to be in this contest but the Islamic finance industry can be grown more through synergizing approach and alliance with industry stakeholders rather than setting any competition.

He said that the Islamic finance industry growth will go on double digit in 2014 which will turn the $ 1.6 trillion volume of Islamic finance industry in December 2013 to US $ 2 trillion by the end of 2014 including North African countries (Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania etc), rising trends of Islamic finance in Europe and UK, also the rising and substantial share of international market of Sukuk shall contribute to it.

He said that Sukuk will grow rapidly in 2014 and Muslim countries including non-Muslim countries e.g UK, China, South Africa and Europe etc will also get benefit from it which will enhance the growth in Islamic finance industry but Takaful Industry is not supposed to have any substantial breakthrough.

It is being hoped that 2014 will prove better period for Islamic Microfinance industry as different international institutions including Islamic Development Bank (IDB) have declared it a potential tool for poverty alleviation around the globe.

He also added that Islamic finance industry may face recession in certain countries including Indonesia while in Nigeria and Tunisia it may face some problems on religious and political grounds. He said that the Islamic finance initiatives in America and Canada including Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina and others) have been taken and it is hoped that Islamic Funds market will come into existence in these regions by the year 2014.

To a question, Zubair Mughal said that there are multiple opportunities in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries to promote Islamic Finance, through which Halal Industry can be flourished rapidly in the region.

He stated that Islamic Finance and Halal Industry are complement to each other. Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) can be energized by utilizing Islamic Finance concept in the region which will be cause to reduce in poverty and ultimate socio-economic prosperity in the ASEAN member Countries. Presenting an analysis on ASEAN countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Loa PDR, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, he stated that the approximate total population of ASEAN countries is 600 million including the Muslim Population more than 40% (240 million) which is a potential indicator for Islamic Finance growth whereas in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam already have significant contributions in Islamic Banking, Takaful, Sukuk and Islamic Funds, while Philippines and Thailand are being considered as future potential markets for Islamic Banking and Finance in ASEAN countries.

He explained that Islamic Banking and Finance is the system not a religion which can be utilized by Muslim and Non-Muslims to get absolute benefits from the best services of Islamic Banking and Finance as its best example is the South Africa where Muslim population is less than 2% of the whole population but it has more than 5 Islamic Banks, 13 Islamic Funds and 2 Takaful companies working actively, which are equally famous among Muslims even non-Muslims communities because of their best practices and services.

He said that Philippines is an important country of the region with having 100 million populations, approximately, containing Muslim population by more than 7% which bears it out that there are momentous chances for the promotion of Islamic Finance and, apparently, government of Philippines found active in this concern and it will, definitely, energize Islamic Banking and Takaful in result.

All India Muslim Law Board welcomes SC verdict on gays

Lucknow/New Delhi: All India Muslim Law Board member Zafaryab Jilani on Wednesday welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on gay sex.

"The Supreme Court has given this verdict to maintain the culture of this country. I don't know the exact text of the judgement though," said Jilani.

"We cannot make law on the basis of some people. It is not only against Muslims community, but also Hindus and Christians. It was an offence and therefore it should continue to be an offence. It is a welcome judgment," he added.

In a major setback for the largely closeted homosexual community in India, the apex court today said gay sex between consenting adults is a criminal offence.

The apex court set aside the Delhi High Court's 2009 judgement that homosexuality should not be treated as a criminal offence, which had been challenged by anti-gay rights activists, social and religious organisations.

The apex court had reserved its order in March last year, after day-to-day hearing in the case lasted an entire month.

The Delhi High Court had in 2009 decriminalised gay sex as provided in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and had ruled that sex between two consenting adults in private would not be an offence.

Section 377 (unnatural offences) of the IPC makes gay sex a criminal offence entailing punishment up to life term. Senior BJP leader BP Singhal has challenged the high court verdict in the Supreme Court, saying such acts are illegal, immoral and against the ethos of Indian culture.

Religious organisations like All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Utkal Christian Council and Apostolic Churches Alliance too have challenged the judgement.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hindu terrorists attack Aam Aadmi Party's office

 Aam Aadmi Party's office in Kaushambi attacked by workers of the 'Hindu Raksha Dal'. A group of 30 to 40 people attacked the party office in Kaushambi.
Armed miscreants carrying bricks and lathis ransacked AAP's office in Kaushambi in Ghaziabad and tried to attack party volunteers on Wednesday.

Carrying the banner of an outfit called Hindu Raksha Dal, around 35 people reached the party's office around 11.05 am raising slogans against party leader Prashant Bhushan for seeking a referendum on the army's presence in Kashmir during an interview with Aaj Tak on Sunday.

Bhushan's comment had drawn ire of several right wing outfits, including the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The attackers even tried to break open a door in the party office when the volunteers locked themselves inside a room to doge them. The miscreants ransacked the ground floor and left.

"We managed to take away the volunteers. No one was injured. Only office property has been damaged," said an AAP leader who was present in the office during the attack.

He said the attackers were carrying the banner of Hindu Raksha Dal.

"We have video footage of the attackers. AAP seeks immediate action against them," the leader said.

The attackers carried flags, banners, lathis and began hurling bricks and abuses at the AAP volunteers, many of them women.

"Had I been a second late, I would have been hurt. They had come to fight," said a woman volunteer of the AAP.

"Had we not locked the gate on time, many women would have been hurt since the attackers were throwing bricks," said another volunteer.

Police have reached the spot.

"The party never endorsed Bhushan's comments. Despite that, goons were sent to attack the AAP office. One party has been encouraging these groups. These are all inspired by the BJP. It is if they are the custodians of Hinduism. This is fake nationalism," said AAP leader Kumar Vishwas.