Monday, 24 December 2012

Mughal Empire in India

The mighty Muslims ruled India for more then 800 years, it was a golden period. The Muslims proved that they are stronger and better organized than Hindus by conquering India.
Before the Mughals there was no India only small states, the hindus used to fight among themselves the mughals established the largest indian empire ever


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  3. mugal ka origin ka to pata nahi, wo history me ek gunda, chor & dakait k tarah aaye. aur sarifo ko loot kar chale gaye. kya gunda ya chor mard hota hai.

  4. The mighty Hindus ruled India for more than 3000 years. The Muslim rule and then the British were overthrown finally which proved that India truly belongs to the Hindus. This was also proved by the 4 wars post-independence India won against the Muslim Pakistan breaking that country into!!

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  6. iDIOT, Google the Great Maratha empire of India. They fucked you upside down.

  7. Muslims might have ruled India for more than 800 years but never sustained....then what happened now muslim assholes....who's ruling u now?...Hindus are kicking ur ass and ruling you now you low lying terrorist bastards.

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  10. Hindus did only slavery they are good for that

  11. The Marathas finished off Mughal empire.

    It was an accident that the Mongols converted to Islam, they would not have today

    1. haha abe maratha to sala Chup chup k vaar karta tha aur mumbai mai chupa rehta tha wo kuch nahi kar paya but marathi ladkiya humse chudwai usne

  12. Last line of mugahl show how brave they are unlike Shiva ji son chatrpati Sambha ji mahraj and brave son s of guru govind singh who sacrifise there life for purpose and cause your great mughal king offer his own daughter to Nadir sah duraani and later to Ahmad sah abdali . They happyly offer them to Marathas if they demand but we are diffrent .It was your last king Badhur sah jafar if he sacrifse his life like Rajpoot, Maratha, or Sikh then India get there indipendence then baat karte hai Bahduri ki agar man singh na hote to Kabul bhi mughal empire ka hissa na hota aur usne orrissa ko bhi jita thaa aur governor tha waha ka Maratha to wo log hai jinnae Panipath ke dokae ke bad bhi Avadh ke nawabo ka aur mughalo ka sath diya