Thursday, 27 June 2013

Uttarakhand floods and Hindus

In the recent Uttarakhand floods more than 1000 people have died.
Many environmentalists have said that it is a man-made disaster. Indiscriminate development in the hill towns, with guest houses, hotels and all manners of illegal encroachment taking place along the rivers, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Unchecked construction of roads for enhancing the tourism, and the pollution caused by the growing human presence are some of the major causes for the devastation of Uttarakhand.

The cause of this disaster were Hindus. Hindu pilgrims visit holy places in Uttarakhand like  Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.. Every year lakhs of Hindus visit these places and the pollution caused by the growing human presence are some of the major causes for the devastation of Uttarakhand.
Because of the large number of Hindus from all over India and even from outside India visiting these places roads had to be built by damaging the mountains, various guest houses, shops and hotels were built in places where they should never have been built like along the rivers and on the mountains by digging the mountains which loosens the soil on the mountains.

There is no control over the number of Hindus visiting these places, the government should regulate the number of people visiting the holy places in Uttarakhand to control the pollution caused by growing human presence there.
Uttarakhand Chief Minister said there will be no Kedarnath yaatra for next 2 years, which is good so at lest for next 2 years that place will remain free from human pollution.


Many Hindu temples got damaged even many priests killed in floods. Hindus who were stuck in the floods regretted going to badrinath and kedarnath. They said they should never have come here.
Many Hindus lost their faith in their Gods, they said they cannot believe such a thing can happen to them on the way to holy shrines.
Many lost their family members, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were on the trip to  places like badrinath and kedarnath, later they lost their faith in grief, questioning how can this happen in the place of god.
The stone Gods couldn't even protect their statues and temples from floods how can they protect their people ?
Muslims have time and again told them on social media that their religion is a false, its a pagan religion and it would be good for them if they give up their false religion but they don't listen. It would have been good for them had they accepted the only true religion ie; Islam. Its sad to see that they are suffering just because they were following their religion.


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  3. Hindus crying why they visited temples false gods, its still time accept islam, allah has shown just a small sign. Still idol worshipers will not understand

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    I hate stooping to your level..but I am curious to know what you think of annual stampedes at Mecca?

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    Allah the merciful!

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  12. You muslims said the stupid statement like in the Uttarkhand floods the temples and stone Gods have been destroyed how they are going to protect their people and also in this post it has been mentioned that Mosques can withstand any kind of natural disasters. This is one of the most funniest statement I ever heard in my entire life. This are the few mosques which were destroyed in natural disasters in various countries in the past and present, check this out. This proves that you muslims are pot heads with no brains.

















    I can give and show you many more.

    If Allah cannot protect the mosques how can he protect his people and followers. SO SAD.

  13. Shaik arshad ...we are very sad for the deaster happened in past in uttarkhand.dear friends we are supposed to have debate by scolding each gods.we have to scope to save or serve the people who are at risk in that place.please kindly don't scold any more......thankyou

  14. हम सब सोच रहे थे इस प्रकार की पोस्ट न करे लेकिन कुछ शेतानी ताकते बाज नही आती हमारा मकसद किसी धर्म के प्रति उसकी निंदा करना नही ये उन लोगो को समझाना है जो बकवास कर रहे है उतरकाशी में आये प्रक्रति आपदा से जन जीवन पर असर पड़ा है।
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    इनका कहना है कि शिव जी की मूर्ती बाढ़ में बह
    गयी वो खुद को नहीं बचा पायी... इत्यादि इत्यादि, इन
    मुस्लिमों और लम्बेद्करियों ने गुजरात में जब भूकंप
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    में )
    -- 23 मई 1994 हज यात्रा के दौरान शैतान को पत्थर
    मारने की रस्म में 270 लोगों की कुचल कर मौत..
    -- 15 अप्रैल 1997 - रात में टेंट में आग लग जाने से 343
    मुसलमान हलाक..
    -- 9 अप्रैल 1998 जमरात के पुल पर भगदड़ मचने से 118
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    -- 1 फरवरी 2004 शैतान को पत्थर मारने के दौरान 251
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    -- 12 जनवरी 2006 हज के दौरान जमरात के पुल पर
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    अब अगर अल्लाह मियाँ अपने बारगाह में पंहुचे हुए
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    बनाने से ?

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