Friday, 10 January 2014

Why most Hindus dont like Raheel Khursheed appointement as twitter India head

Raheel Khursheed a Kashmiri Muslim is the head of Twitter India appointed by twitter. 
Many including the BJP are saying that twitter should remove him from the post.

Most Hindus don't like Raheel Khurshee.
#1 He is very vocal about Kashmir issue.
#2  He has criticized Narendra Modi and called him fascist and murderer of Muslims which is true.
#3 He has also criticized Rahul Gandhi and congress for its policies with is also not false.

#4 He said the truth about Hindu festival Navratri. Linked Navratri to Durex upwas condoms as it is a fact that sale of condoms and pills, pregnancy and abortion rates go up during navratri month.
Here is a proof of this: 

So overall  what he said is all true and haters will keep on hating.

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