Saturday, 17 May 2014

Modi’s Victory to Militarize India Muslims

Amid increasing anti-Muslim sentiments, new signs of radicalizations appeared among India’s Muslim community, though the number involved remained extremely small.

A recently retired US official described Modi to The Guardian as a “lightning rod both for internal and Pakistan-based militant groups.”

BJP extremist comments were adding to Muslim concerns inside and outside India.

Signs appeared last year after videos released by a newly formed extremist group calling itself Ansar ul Tauheed al Hindi and apparently based in Afghanistan or western Pakistan called for violent attacks in India in revenge for 2002 Gujarat massacre and sectarian violence in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh earlier in 2013.

One video, called From Kandahar to Delhi, refers to Indians, who the group said had joined their ranks.

There have also been a series of bombings that have been blamed on a local Islamic militant cell.

Security officials in India are concerned that the imminent withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan will trigger increased violence, especially in Kashmir.

The conflict in Afghanistan has acted as a pressure valve for many of the most extreme groups and the Pakistani security establishment “might feel the need to let them vent”, said Nigel Inkster, at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

The victory of BJP would now wake up Indian Muslims and many of the sleeper cells to a much larger extent. They may now seek to take revenge against the Hindu majority for betraying the country and electing into power a fascist leader. Its not the Muslims who have to fear because a Muslim fears no one but Allah but its the Hindus for following an extremist leader.


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