Friday, 29 August 2014

Hindu culture of seduction and love jihad myth

The myth of Love Jihad is epic. This is a country where majority of the girls are Hindus so it is inevitable that Muslim boys will more often than not get Hindu girls and a small percentage of such relationships are bound to get sour or end up poorly as it happens in so many relationships.

But this is not the complete picture. The Indian Muslim Post tells the truth whether anyone likes it or not it is not for anyone to judge the ultimate authority of judging someone rests in the hands of the Allah and so no Muslim can judge another Muslim even if non-Muslims call someone a terrorist.

Now there are so many Muslim countries too where Muslim girls are in majority and minorities live alongside them but such type of things don't happen in those countries that a Muslim girl running away with a non-Muslim like Hindu girls willingly elope with Muslim boys. WHY ???? Because its a cultural thing.

Of course there are always some exceptions even among Muslims but they are negligible.

Its because of Hindu culture, we have stressed this cultural thing before also in many of our previous articles like why hindu girls show their skin, rise of sex in navratri etc..

There is a huge cultural difference between Muslim and Hindu girls. Muslim girls are proud, dignified and don't have relationships with men of other communities they think about their community and religion first and marry within their religion no matter how modern they may look.

Hindus when they go to western countries some of  them think themselves as westerners, but we know they don't have an equal footing.  Some of them become arrogant, some of them change their attire, dressing style and even the way of thinking.
But here is the difference, More Muslim girls wear hijab, niqab and their traditional dresses when they go to or live in the western countries than in their native Muslim countries. Why??? To preserve their culture and identity. Its done deliberately and willingly by them and not forced by anyone. The westerners hate this they want to change everyone but Muslims will remain Muslims even if they have to put their lives in danger for it. Birmingham Metropolitan College was forced to lift the veil ban after Muslim students stud up and protested.
Pics above are not from any Muslim country but from England and the same is true for other countries of Europe. All Muslims are proud of it.

Hindu girls are free to flock and flaunt. This would give you an insight.
tattoo hare rama hare krishna... Its in their culture Plus western utopia has filled their minds. Hindu culture + Postmodern Western culture = Deadly cocktail.
A hindu mother dressing her daughter in a slutty fashion. The white arrow in the background shows a painting of some hindu gods.
Hindu mother bikini training.
So they get all the training from the childhood from their mothers, they dont have to go anywhere else. By the time they reach high school and college they are desperate for boyfriends and its easy for Muslim boys to get them and they also fall for Muslim boys who in most cases are smarter and stronger. Since these girls are in majority Muslim boys have no shortage of supply. I believe the ratio between Hindu girls and Muslim boys is 8:1 can be larger depends on the demographics of the place. 8 Hindu girls 1 Muslim boy in schools, colleges, workplaces etc.

Hindu girls have relationships with Muslim boys in schools, colleges and most women who marry Muslims are independent working class Hindu women or they fall in love with them while studying in college or university and few year later they marry, unless the Hindu girl is married off to some Hindu by their parents.

Roosh V wrote in his book "30 bangs" that - "If I have a daughter, I would go and live in the mountains because I would not want my daughter to be like the girls I slept with." 
This cannot be done in real life but what can be done is teaching the girls Islamic culture and values which Muslims do.
Muslims who sleep with Hindu girls who are in majority know about them therefore when they become fathers they don't want their daughters to be like a Hindu girls. For Hindus its a cultural thing.

This gives another answer and I believe this and so many of us.
Non-Muslims ask if Islam is the only true religion then why Allah made other religions.  One answer to this is that Allah is the god of all Abrahamic religions, the Abrahamic religions went through transition, Islam was the last and the perfect uncorrupted Abrahamic religion and the pagan religions of the Indian subcontinent are no more than fairy tale stories and not made by Allah.

And the second answer to this why people from other religions exist if Islam is the only true religion;
this seems to be one of the reasons,
Hindu girls exist because of Hindus and Hindu girls seem to be taking care of sexual needs of Muslim men in India and so is true for girls of other communities in other places where Muslims exist. So I hope you got your answer. Allah has given everything.

Now the Hindus cannot blame their girls for going with Muslims nor they can control them because then the sense of feminist equality inside them will erupt and so the only thing they can do is blame the Muslims and so we hear love jihad rhetoric.


  1. our girls are best

  2. Hindu girls are for fuck only it seems

    1. Muze tere sath sex karna hai..

  3. hi, totally agree, but can't help admiring musulman dicks, Hve had 2 bfs in the past, both muslims, fucked me good, now in new city. Nikita Gupta

  4. Wearing modern dresses doesn't mean that we are exposing ourselves...
    by this logic all the western ladies are sluts?????????
    It is just liberation and we all must promote it..

    1. it shows the pervert and ugly mind of the muslim extremist people....You people regard your women as merely a sex object..... you may keep happy on your own culture... dont compare with others....

    2. anu ek baar musalman ka andar chala gaya to khud musalman k lund k niche aa jayegi.

    3. what... dont know much hindi... speak in english......

  5. hello , i m hindu girl working at gurgaon in mnc ,in my team there are 8 members out of them there are 3 guys and all are muslims. I wear wat I want recently thy called me in Eid and I was shocked to see their girls women in family all covered in burkha , seems of die in suffocation.. this is all terror thy create in their girls done forcefully , but I keep in mind that what I wear is decent and does not expose any body part of mine.


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  9. I agree. Our Hindu girls have turned whores
    Sleeping with everyone, roaming with whoever they like, and then fake feminism. To be honest, they need to fucked hard to make them understand the freedom they get. Let them get fuxked to the core only then they will realize.