Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Artist Akram Hussain Krishna painting with gopis in bikini

Akram Hussain from Assam paints Lord Krishna in a bar with bikini-clad gopis
The painting is offensive to  the Hindutva brigade because its made by a Muslim. Nudity in hindu culture is not something new the kamasutra paintings and explicit nude sex painting in some of their temple is a proof of that and Krishna with semi naked women is looking much more decent than those erotic paintings on the walls of Khajuraho templ.


  1. Lol good paint shows their culture, its hindu culture of nudity. No wonder what hindu women want haha

  2. Modern Interpretation of Shri Krishna Lays more Emphasis on His Portrayal as a Warrior and a Husband with 16108 wives as well as a Diplomat of the Battlefield.