Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bengaluru Mass Molestation

During new year night in Bengaluru women were molested, groped and lewd remarks were also passed by miscreants even as 1,500 police personnel had reportedly been deployed to control the crowds.

The city’s most bustling areas of MG Road and Brigade road saw thousands of men mobbing the revellers, and groping and trash talking the women in the streets on Saturday night even as a large number of policemen were deployed in the area

The opportunistic bhakts blamed the congress government which is in the power in the state of Bengaluru. The truth is that the state government responded in the right manner and took all the necessary steps.  They had made proper arrangements  1,500 policemen were employed moreover cctvs were too put into place.
In particular, the statement of Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara in a television interview that "such things happen" and the reason is the "western" ways of youth and the way that "women dress".

Bengaluru is a state where the notorious slogan of love jihad resulted in violence against women for choosing muslim men as their partners with high cases of inter-community relationships in Mangalore.

Samajwadi party leader Abu Azmi blamed short clothes.
Azmi blamed the incident on Westernisation and the short clothes of the women. "If my sister or daughter goes out with another man to celebrate the New Year and her father or husband is not with them, do you think she will be safe? I don't think so.
"In modern times, nudity is considered fashionable. It's a huge blot on Indian culture"
What Abu Azmi said was a hard truth but one thing on which I disagree with Abu Azmi is where he said "Westernisation and the short clothes of the women", because its already in the Hindu culture for women to show their body and dress revealingly. Read this article to know more: http://indianmuslimpost.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/why-hindu-girls-show-their-body.html

I dont think its entirely a western phenomenon it has always been in the Hindu culture. I can totally understand Abu Azmi's son's wife was a hindu and most muslims treat hindus as their fellow Indians and dont want to blame them so they point the finger towards western culture and politely tell the Hindus to improve themselves but its up to an individual if he/she wants to follow a declining civilization ie; western.

New Year's night is a time for celebration and drinking among youths. The large number of men in the streets who hunted in packs and molested women were drunk.
Drunk and Frustrated Hindu Males who cannot get Laid
Most of the drunk hooligans were Hindu men who think that are on the top of the world and can do anything after consuming alcohol.
Apart from other negative effects alcohol also reduces sexual performance  in the men. Most muslim guys do not drink and those who do usually keep a low profile and do not create ruckus after drinking as liquor does not go well among Muslim community and most Muslim families strongly disapprove it.

Some muslim guys were also caught in the middle of the chaos. Some of them were with their hindu girl friends at night. One of my distant friend Mohamad Shadaab was with his girlfriend Megha when a large crowd of these drunk men started shouting and molesting girls.


  1. The only solution for Hindu girls to avoid such dangerous incidents is to choose Islam. Islam already describes how a woman can be beautiful inside, loving and respected. Hindu sisters should become Muslims, and after that, our Muslim brothers will protect them in case any pervert Hindu males tries to dishonor them.

    1. So if a hindu girl is wearing short clothes, her muslim brother will not protect her? Are muslims hypocrites?

  2. You are right, i am actually a hindu boy looking to convert to islam because of decent and simple islamic culture which i like. You are right hindu girls dont know how to behave and dress

  3. Superb analysis.

  4. Muslim kar kuch bhi nahi sakte hindu girls hate muslim it's real agar aisa hota to sabhi musalman hote

  5. Sahi kaha dekh to koi bhi sakta hain usse koi faayda nahi hota

  6. islam to ab band ho jaayega shayad