Friday, 10 May 2013

Media accusing a Muslim of insulting national song Vande Mataram

Shafiqur Rahman Barq, a BSP member from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, was seen walking out of the lower house as Vande Mataram was being played before the house was adjourned.
After the incident the speaker of the house Meira Kumar got angry and said."One honourable member walked out when Vande Mataram was being played. I take very serious view of this. I would want to know why this was done. This should never happen again," she said.

After the incident the Hindu majority media started accusing Shafiqur Rahman Barq of  insulting the national song.
Then Shafiqur Rahman Barq came out and in an interview to CNN IBN, like a true Muslim tiger Barq said he is not sorry for what he did  as he has not done anything wrong.
"I won't apologise to anyone. I respect the National Anthem, not the national song Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram is an ode to motherland. Muslims like me bend only before Allah, not before any other god".
"I request that Muslims not be compelled to sing this song since it is against the Sharia.. the song tells people to bow before Bharat Mata,” he said.
 “India is a democracy, there is secularism here. Under secularism when there are 30 crore Muslims living in the country you have to be considerate towards their emotions as well,” Burq said.

Now it is true that a Muslim cannot bend in front of Bharat mata or worship her as this song suggests, a Muslim can only bend in front of Allah and no one else.

The supreme court has clearly said if Muslims don't want to follow this song as it hurts their religious sentiments then they are free to not sing this song and no one can force them
If Indian supreme court has no problem then why media is so angered by this.

See the reaction of Hindu media

Discussion on it by media good to see Muslim participants supporting Shafiqur Rahman Barq.

This song is a hymn to bharat mata and and Muslims cannot bend in from of any so called imaginary mata. Allah is the only truth and Islam the true religion and Muslims cannot follow false gods. A Muslim only bends in front of Allah. Shafiqur Rahman Barq is following true Islamic beliefs and he did nothing wrong. Any Muslim having basic knowledge will not stand up for the Vande Matram as is like bhoomi pooja and we pray only Allah.


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  6. Well singing the song and respecting the National Song are two different things. That fool was asked to follow House decorum which is to stand still while the National Song/Anthem is being played. Nobody asked him to sing it. If the National symbols are lesser than the religion (though I don't see how religion comes into play here) then the Muslims were free to leave India in 1947. A separate nation was created specially for them, it is a different matter that they would have been treated as second class citizens and called Muhajirs!! Those Muslims who have stayed back have tus confirmed that the national identity is greater than the religious identity.

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