Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chinese troops intrude break security cameras, not incursion says Govt

The incident took place on June 17 when a Chinese patrol intruded into the Indian side and dismantled the cameras set up in Chumar.
A little over two weeks ago, Chinese troops intruded into the same areas in the Leh-Ladakh sector that had sparked off tensions in April and threatened the locals in Hindi. The troops even broke the high-resolution cameras that the Indian Army had set up in the area a month ago.
Sources in the security establishment said the cameras had been put up after the Indian Army dismantled some of its structures following the resolution of the stand-off in April. While the army dismantled the tin sheds it had set up, it quietly set up high-resolution cameras to monitor any Chinese movement on their side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Chinese patrol was proficient in Hindi and threatened locals, asking them to vacate the area, claiming it to be their own. The incident was reported to the government by Indian intelligence agencies and confirmed by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

India raised the issue of missing camera at a meeting of border personnel two days later on June 19 and China returned the non-functional camera earlier this month, government sources said here on Tuesday. 

Chumar, located 300 km from here, has always been an area of discomfort for the Chinese troops as this is the only area along the Sino-Indian border where they do not have any direct access to the Line of Actual Control(LAC).

Earlier the 21-day face-off between the two sides in the remote Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector on April 15 was triggered by construction of an observation tower in Chumar division which had to be subsequently dismantled by the Army on May 5 before the crisis was defused.

The Chinese side in flag meetings in the last week of March this year, had been objecting to the construction of the watch tower along the LAC in Chumar.

After dismantling the observation post and defence bunkers, Army had installed cameras to monitor movement of Chinese troops along the LAC, a step which had irked the PLA.

Seeking to play down the incident, government sources were not inclined to describe it as an "incursion" in the disputed territory where perceptions about the Line of Actual Control (LAC) differ. 

This shows the how coward the Hindu majority government is they don't even have the courage to describe this incident as an incursion.

Evey time India seems to bend in front of the Chinese. Prior to this incident when the Chinese intruded, Indian government accepted Chinese terms and the Indian army dismantled their own watch towers and bunkers as the Chinese wanted.

Each time the Chinese does something the Hindu majority government downplays the incident and says it is not an incursion, the area comes under disputed territory.

The government sometimes says that the area is an integral part of India and when the Chinese take action the coward Government led by Hindus in fear start saying that the area is disputed territory.

In all of this, it looks as if there is no use of having weapons and such a large army when they cannot even put pressure on their enemies. Moreover the army looks like a sitting duck.

Even small countries like Japan and Vietnam have far more courage than Hindus, these countries also have disputes with China but they never bend in from of the Chinese.

This shows that Hindus cannot rule. You may check their history throughout the history Hindus were ruled by others which is not a surprise.
While Hindus rant about this on the internet posting very aggressive comments about the government but the truth is that they can only say it behind their computer screens and can never come out.

Had there been Muslim rule in India or a government led by Muslims the story would have been different, they would never have acted like cowards. The concern is that Muslims don't get crushed in between all this only because of the mistakes of the government let by Hindus. Muslim government would be far better for this country.



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