Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hindu forces behind Bodh Gaya Blasts ?

RTI Activist Aroop Brahmachari says Hindu organizations known for terror mischief, Bodh Gaya Serial Blasts could  be their handiwork.

The Indian media which is largely controlled by Hindus is quick to point the finger at Muslim organizations without any proof. They are presuming that this blast is a reaction to the killing of Muslims in Myanmar.  Even if this comes out to be true than what has Indian government done to stop the killing of Muslims in Myanmar ? Instead there are allegations that Hindu fundamentalist organizations are secretly encouraging Buddhists in Myanmar to carry out the killings.

Aroop Brahmachari said Hindu organizations have  been involved in terror activities in the past and the role of Hindu organizations in this cannot be overlooked.

The timing of the bomb blasts is crucial because just one day before the blasts Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said - Nitish Kumar government should be taught a lesson for breaking alliance with the BJP.  
Digvijay Singh rightly pointed out that that there could be Modi's hand in the blast.
The beneficiary of this blast is BJP and it can now lift a finger on Nitish Kumar's government.


  1. Piglet
    Who was behind the destruction of Bamiyan Buddha?
    Jews, Christians,Hindus,Sikhs,Zorostrians or Jains?

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    It's good to see the intensity of your hatred against us.

    Even Nazis had similar feeling of self glorification and hate mongering particularly against Slavs & Jews.

  2. Hindu Terrorists

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