Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Kafir apes other kafirs

Verity the kafir wants you to be like them but we as Muslims have to reject Kafir beliefs and their culture.

My dear Muslim brothers let me give you a real life example few weeks ago it was valentines day. I was walking down the street in the evening and I saw huge traffic jams. In fact the whole city was overcrowded with stupid valentines day celebrations.

Most of these kafirs were Hindus along with other disbelievers. Now just think for a moment what do these Hindu kafirs have to do with valentines day, its not their festival nor it is remotely related with their culture. But you have to understand that a kafir always tries to ape other kafirs.

In this case the Hindu kufrs are aping/copying the Western/American kufrs and when Muslims reject valentines day or restrict it in their countries all these kafirs get together and label Muslims and backwards and extremists.
Why ?
Because verily the kafir wants you to be like them but a Muslim cannot follow the kafirs, he cannot bow down or be a slave to any man or woman but a kafir can be a slave of his/her desires and can follow other kafirs but a Muslim can only follow and bow down to the one and only i.e; the almighty Allah and follow his teachings which are written in the holy Quran. Some Muslims do get deceived and then do things to please the kafirs this is what we called a complete Munafiq.

No matter how much the kufrs try to pressurize the Muslims, the Muslims will always resist and in the end be victorious.
May Allah guide us to the straight path. 

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