Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hindu girls doing love jihad to get muslim men

Often the Hindutva brigade accuse the Muslims of doing love jihad and luring Hindu girls but the reality is quite the opposite.
Actually its the Hindu girls who are doing love jihad to get Muslim men.

As in the above video Dr Naik proves that Jihad means to strive and it is also done by non-Muslims knowingly or unknowingly whether for good or for bad. It is a misconception that Jihad can only be done by Muslims, he added by citing Quanic references.

A Hindu girl striving to get a Muslim man is also a kind of Jihad.
When a Hindu girl gets a Muslim husband it means Allah is guiding her to the straight path.

Moreover Hindu girls flaunting their body, striving to get Muslim male attention is also Jihad whether or good or for bad doesn't matter. Bad jihad would lead to the path of Shaitan while good Jihad leads to the path of Allah.


  1. Hindu girls jedojehad kar rahi hai muslim mard k liye kyon ki musalman mard he asli mard hein

  2. Ishita Chatterjee14 March 2016 at 22:29

    in that case i am a jihadi too

  3. This is true. As a woman, I can agree to what Zakir Naik is saying.

  4. I know the girl who is in the video thumbnail. She is aarti sachdeva, her bf is muslim.

  5. Women expose to get male attention. Why single out muslim male attention?