Monday, 26 December 2016

Hindu outfit complains about student couple in house

Mangaluru, Dec 22: Police on Wednesday December 22, visited a house in Ullal near here where a student couple were together after some Hindu organizations complained. After talking to the students and obtaining information from them, the police did not take any action as there was no chance for the same.
A male medical student from Kashmir had rented a house in Bagambila in Ullal. Every afternoon a female student visited his house. Some locals informed about this to a Hindu organization. The members of Hindu organization came to the spot and complained to the police regarding this.
Police visited the place and asked the couple about why they were together. They said that they were classmates and were in love. The Kashmiri male student said he is a Muslim and the girl said she is a Christian from Kerala. They also said they were engaged and would get married soon. They also produced necessary documents on the same.
Police, locals and members of Hindu organization went back from the spot.

Another case of frustrated Hindu outfits. Most of them are just losers who can't get a girl neither they can get laid while they envy muslims men getting other women.

A girl would fall in love with a muslim guy rather than a tingu pingu repulsive frustrated hindutva goon and that is exactly what is happening which makes them even more frustrated and obsessed.

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