Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hindutva brigade dejected as Aamir Khan's Dangal turns out to be a super hit

In spite of the negative campaign ran by Hindutva brigade (also known as the 'bhakts')  Aamir Khan's Dangal continues to break records. The movie has turned out to be a super hit.

The hindutva brigade who have time and again raised the issue of the khans (muslims) having hindu wives and girlfriends are the ones most hit by this movie mentally, all their negative campaigning against Aamir prior to the release of the film has failed completely.
Hindu girls turned out in large numbers to watch this movie. They loved Aamir, while the obsessive bhakts looked down in grief.
Some Bhakts changed their narrative completely.
A hindu girl giving a befitting reply to the bhakts

Many hindu girls watched the movie with their muslim boyfriends. One such girl Rishita Chaterjee is of the opinion: "The Hindutva brigade are against Aamir Khan and his movie. They want the movie to fail. They dont like him because he is a muslim man, oh! he is more of a man than those crazy bhakts. He is so hot."

The video above is a perfect example what hindu girls prefer. When asked "would you date Aamir Khan"
Yes, he is so hot.
No, not at all.

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