Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bhagyalakshmi illegal temple issue

This is Charrminar a historic Islamic monument in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh.

This is an illegal Bhagyalakshmi temple beside Charminar.

There have been may tensions between Hindus and Muslim in that area because of this temple.

Hindus want to expand this temple. The case is in the court and the court has officially said that no construction activity should be done at the site but in the past in has been seen that Hindus secretly carry out construction of the illegal temple which creates tensions between Hindus and Muslims in that area. Thankfully that area is a Muslim majority area otherwise Hindus would have been more violent and who knows they would have demolished Charminar like the Babri Masjid. Muslims have been peaceful and tolerant so far in that area.

Hindus are trying to expand the temple which is against the court orders and any construction activity there causes tensions. This is one such incident from the past.

Akbaruddin Owaisi speech on Bhagyalakshmi temple issue.
Akbaruddin Owaisi has been peacefully maintained that no construction should be done at the site.

The Archeological Survey of India (ASI), custodian of the Charminar monument, had denied any permission for construction around the temple. A show-cause notice was issued by the ASI to the temple management for some construction done in August 2012.
ASI plans to stall construction work at Bhagyalaxmi temple:

Activist S.Q. Masood speaks on the issue of Bhagya lakshmi temple
Some Hindus say that the temple existed before Charminar and it is legal but they don't have any evidence to support their claim. Also the high court doesn't support their claim and it have given the verdict that no construction activity to expand the temple should be carried out in that area.

Asaduddin Owaisi  on the temple issue

The root cause of this issue is the illegal temple. The court should order the demolition of the temple which has become a tool for Hindu organizations to create tensions. Root out the cause and the problem will be solved.


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  7. I am a Hindu. But I support of 'shifting' (Not removal) of this temple. This is because Charminar is a heritage of us and we Indians need to protect our heritages. How about if anyone build a temple just beside Taj Mahal ? It will destroy the charm. The temple need to be shift to another place with full honour.

    But Muslim brothers, there are illegal Mosques and Dargahs constructing in many parts of India as well. Like near Sasaram, Bihar a mosque was build recently over the 3rd century BC rock edicts of Ashoka. We need to shift that as well. Why don't you point out on that ?

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