Saturday, 10 August 2013

Clean chit for ex-Aligarh Muslim University VC Aziz

NEW DELHI: The CBI has closed the probe against former vice-chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), P K Abdul Azis, in which he was accused of financial irregularities during his tenure in the varsity. The agency had registered a preliminary enquiry in July, 2011, against Azis (64) after it was alleged that he had flouted rules of the institution for his own benefits. Azis had also been questioned by CBI in the enquiry.

The probe has been closed as the agency couldn't find anything substantial against Azis.

CBI had started the investigation on the request of Union ministry of human resources and development, which had set two probe panels against Azis, but their findings remained inconclusive. Azis has been VC of AMU between June, 2007, and end-2012.

Azis was accused of allegedly committing misconduct under the AMU Act, 1920, violating the statues, directives, ordinances and regulations of the Aligarh Muslim University Grant Commission. It was alleged that VC made the AMU pay his income tax and also violated varsity rules by transferring Rs 8 crore of Provident Fund money from the State Bank of India to Shreyas Gramin Bank.

It was also alleged that varsity funds were misused for interior decoration of his residence. Azis had refuted these charges.

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