Thursday, 12 September 2013

Alleged cause of Muzaffarnagar riots 'a girl'

 The main cause of Muzaffarnagar riots which all the Indian news papers and media is showing is - A Muslim boy was teasing/stalking a Jat Hindu girl and when his brother came to know about it, he along with his friend in a fight killed that Muslim boy and when they tried to run away from the crime scene they were caught by local Muslims who made these two boys pay for their crime.

The media used more harsher terms like molesting and harassing to show that Muslims are the main culprits without any proof. Why doesn't media ask that girl ? Where is that girl, where has she disappeared ? This means media is just saying this without any proof and showing rumor as a truth.

The truth is that the girl was with that Muslim boy with her consent which obviously Jats didn't like and wanted to break this alliance between a Jat Hindu girl and a Muslim boy, according to our sources one of our friend happens to be from that region.
The Jat community is very strict when it comes to inter-religious relationships or marriages. They don't tolerate their girls with boys of other religions and Jats don't shy away from killing as we just saw in this case with the killing of a Muslim boy.
So who started all this is clear one doesn't have to kill someone if someone stalks a girl.

Many Hindu girls in UP are marrying and even eloping with Muslim men if the girl's family is not ready to accept the alliance. By and large Hindus are not happy with it. Also we had earlier reported how Hindus are not happy with Hindu girls marrying Muslims in this post

Here is the most recent incident for you. Reported by The Indian Express Lucknow,  Aug 22 2013.
A Jat Hindu Women eloped (ran away) with  Muslim man and obviously Jats not happy with it socially boycotted  nearly 800 Muslims of Palachand village in Aligarh district.
Angered by this the Jats don't speak to the Muslims, they are not allowed to make purchases at local shops and are barred from working in farms of Jats. The Jats have also stopped buying milk from dairies of Muslims.
The woman who eloped belonged to Nisuja hamlet of Palachand, and the man is from Khurja in Bulandshahr district. They studied together until high school in Khurja and stayed in touch after the woman moved to a college in Khair. They met at a wedding in Palachand on July 1 and eloped, sparking tension between their communities. That woman has said she doesn't want to live with her family.

This gives you an idea about the situation of UP. The love of Hindu girls for Muslim men is quite evident.

Once a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy she is under the protection of Muslim community and no one can enter and try to hurt the couples not even the Jats.

One thing Hindus complain about is Hindu allow their girls marry Muslims but will a Muslim allow his girl to Marry a non-Muslim ?
The simple answer to this question is Why should a Muslim allow Muslim girls to go into false religion ?
If someone does something stupid that doesn't mean that others also have to copy it.

Non-Muslim may call themselves secular, liberal, atheist, theist, left-wing etc.. but Muslims will follow their great Islamic culture whether others like it not not. They have the right to choose their ideology.

No one is stopping a non-Muslim from marrying Muslim girl but first non-Muslim has to accept Islam ie; the truth.
Islam is the true religion, there are no double standards here as a Muslim boy cannot marry a non-Muslim without the girl accepting Islam in the same way a Muslim girl cannot marry a non-Muslim without the boy accepting the truth which is Islam. Nikah can only happen if both girl and boy are Muslims.

Now if we go by the Indian media than the main cause of the riots turns out to be a 'girl'. A Hindu girl and not only in this case but in the many riots that had happened in the past there have been rumors floating around that the riots occurred because someone teased a girl from a particular community.

Why this happens ? Because Hindus have let loose their girls they have no control over them. The problem of indescent dressing is something we discussed earlier
 If they don't like their girls to mingle with boys of other religions than they should impose certain restraints instead they give them extra freedom which means a disaster is waiting to happen. Too much freedom is often misused.
This shows that they have to later suffer because of their liberal and pro-western mindset, if they are so liberal than they should not get unhappy over inter-religious marriages.

-By Kareem Khan


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    8. roopali Gupta: I am a Hindu girl aged 24 years. ...part of what muslim guys have commented here are very much true....Hindu girls run after muslim very own sister is one such example, who ran from home and married against parents wishes.....and 2-3 years after this, her husband married another girl, once again Hindu girl....and my sister remains married to this guy....meanwhile I come from a very respected and uppermiddle class family, while this guy can be called lower middle class at best..(I very much identify this case with a case that happened in westbengal some years ago, if you have read it)..........but what can I do? is there something that can be done so that such things donot happen? can parents marry their girls at younger ages to avoid this? but then wont married girls also run away these days?or is it fine if girls have relationships with muslim men while they are in college, but do not get married to them, and also if they have relationships with muslim men after marriage but do not run away....
      I dont think muslims are to be blaimed for these incidents......the mistake is of girls' family...also I personally think that uppercaste muslims (who have some genes of non-Indians, not the lower caste ones who are basically converted Indians) are more charismatic than Hindu guys, while muslims as a whole are very good in talking romantic stuff and their way of talking is very exotic or its easy for girls to fall prey.....
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