Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Aussie Muslim Fawad Ahmed leg-spinner won't wear beer logo

Cricket Australia agreed that Fawad Ahmed should not have to wear bear logos and said it was "respectful of his beliefs."

Spin bowler Fawad Ahmed will not have to wear sponsor's beer brand logo on his Australian uniform because of his Muslim faith, the sport's managing body in the country has confirmed.

Ahmed had requested to be excused from wearing the 'VB' logo as it conflicted with his religious beliefs, Fairfax Media said on Tuesday, and CA executive general manager of operations Mike McKenna said the governing body had approved it.

South Africa's Muslim batsman Hashim Amla has also been excused from wearing a beer brand logo on his shirts.

It is great to see that no matter what happens Muslims do not forget and will not forget their great Islamic culture Fawad Ahmed and Hashim Amla are great examples of this.

Alcohol (bear) is haram and sponsoring alcohol by wearing a bear logo is like encouraging people to do haram.


  1. Yes.....Other countries agrees, respects and accepts muslims beliefs but you muslims don't respect other people and their beliefs, instead you murder them.

    1. Islam is the only true religion. Islam doesn't allow to propagate False misleading beliefs. Why should we allow flase beliefs just because do allow it doesn't mean we should.
      You can worship dick only in india roopali :D

  2. Sajid every religion says that there religion is the true religion. You muslims think Islam is the only true religion and there is no such proof. You Muslims believe in stupid Mullahs and other mother fuckers.

    If Islam is such a true religion....why all Muslim countries in the world are on the verge of destruction. Why You muslims are raping, killing, terrorizing, murdering innocent people all over the world.

    We worship dick in India and you worship those who worship dick in India.

    1. Sister Roopali,

      Is it WRONG to convey the message to the people that Alcoholism is wrong ?
      Where is our morals then ? We human being are suppose to have higher intelligence. Scientific researches proves how damaging alcohol is. The only reason for it to be legal is Government gets major revenue from the damn alcohol and cigarettes whether its India or some other country.

      Please do not use abusive languages. All the religious scriptures point to Islam. All the prophet came to convey and teach one message that GOD IS ONE, BODYLESS, FORMLESS. Quran is the last and final revelation of God.

      And no muslim is a muslim if he is not a good human being. Killing any innocent person is against the basic laws of Islam and this law is clearly given to us. Don't blindly follow the media. Every community have good and bad people. Don't judge Islam by what people do and say. As a intelligent human being look at the book and testament we have. I am a student of Comparative religion. I have studied Christianity, Hinduism & Islam.

      "anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. " Quran Ch.5 V.32