Thursday, 5 September 2013

Maharashtra govt to fund 200 madrasas all across the state

The decision was taken during the state cabinet meeting on Wednesday wherein it was decided that for the year 2013-14, the government will give Rs.10 crore to 200 madrasa all across the state. Rs.50,000 will be given separately to create a library.

The opposition Shiv Sena and MNS accused the Congress-NCP government of trying to appease Muslims and were not happy with this decision.

In Maharashtra, there are a total of 1,889 madrasa all across the state, in which 1,45,995 students are enrolled. 200 madrasas out of these will be selected by the state government.

Spekaing to media the Minster for Minority Affairs Nasim khan said "this is not poll sop this will help students from minorities to come to main stream ".

Khan said, the madrassa students, who study in ninth or tenth class in nearby schools, will get annual scholarship of Rs 4,000, adding that the amount will be Rs 5,000 for 11th and 12th class students.

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