Monday, 17 March 2014

Modern Indian non-muslim middle class women turning indecent

In the name of liberalization and modernization indecency and vulgarity among non-Muslims especially Hindu girls is increasing at a rapid rate. We discussed about this many times in the past here are some of the previous posts:

Below is a fine piece of article we like to share with you. Though this is from a Pakistani website which we do not endorse but every thing written in the article is 100% true.

"In the western societies sex is somewhat less of a hole-in-the-corner affair. You can see couples furtively necking and going as far as penetration in their zeal in the streets, bars, open air, beaches; women flaunting their figures outrageously and dressing up as little as could be possible to the extent that you could see the hair follicles. Men and women binge drink until they drop flat on streets and lose all sense of morality and make an exhibition of bestiality that would shame even a swine. In the West, modern women are like whores who would go to bed with any man for one night stand even for a bar of chocolate or if they fancy having puff of his cigarette.

In India, this thing is fast catching up with their youth: abortion and hymen repair is a flourishing trade with the gynaecologists. Bollywood is leading the way in aping the west’s lewd morals or shall I say simulating and showing various copulating positions of Kama Sutra by their deities on the walls of Hindu temples as well in erotic dancing on the cinema cope and television screen. I am not being squeamishness about sexual matters but if the Bollywood producers and directors wished to know who is a global whore: it is not only a good time girl that sells her body for money; bares her flesh for lust; shows her body parts semi-nude on TV commercials; one does the cat-walk on the fashion parades; strip tease and pole dancers but also those who appear semi-nude on TV dramas and programmes and advertise vulgarity and immorality. Hindu fundamentalists, fanatic and right-wing parties and individuals protest and object vehemently about the bare-bosom Indian padminis modelling clothes in all provocative manners when so many Hindu temples in India house licentious statues of deities engraved on the walls copulating in all possible ways and displaying whole sets of Kama Sutra.

And why should these fundamentalists object on any moral grounds when these fashion parades bring billions of dollars to the Indian economy? Bollywood movies are full of females wearing as little as possible, showing their every curve and dancing around like hookers as if they are looking for customers. Breasts are not only adornments of a woman's anatomy but also are sign of her fecundity, and therefore she must not display them for marketing garments or advertising for commercial greed. Everyone seems to be singing Bollywood songs these days but it is imperative to mention that Mumbai has become one of the biggest sin capitals of the world where sun sets in midday and nights are for lewd debauchery and sex in every available corner.

In Islam, emphasis is attached to modesty in dress: a woman is to cover all that is beneath her neck and refrain from exposing bare flesh and a man must also cover him and never expose from the navel down. In Islam men and women are born equal with same the same civil, judicial, social and political rights afforded to men but in a family unit: there should be only one ''boss' and that is the husband. Otherwise, with two bosses in the house, there will always will be conflicts, disagreements, disputes, and mistrust and if there are children in the house, they will suffer from the tension. In Islam, a mother is rewarded with 75% right of love, affection and respect of her children over the father but in a household, the husband is the corner stone of a family unit. A husband must not mistreat his wife but love her with respect, and give her full domestic, social and conjugal rights and the wife must consider her husband as the , "Mukhkam" of her family and give him his due respect, attention, service, obedience, and bring up her children as good citizen of the state and 'momins'.

Islam is the most wonderful deene hyaat that affords equality, justice and fairness to every human being irrespective of the gender; without the distinction of colour and race; without the consideration of the colour of the skin but both sexes must respect each others' biological and physiological limitations. Women are born to give birth to civilizations and men must give them protection, safety, security, love, and fulfil their financial and social needs and the wife as the mother of his children must keep the family unit going and moving in good days and bad days."

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