Friday, 28 March 2014

Muslim tiger Imran Masood against Narendra Modi

Fearless speech by Imran Masood a politician from Saharanpur against criminal Narendra Modi.
Most of the Hindu majority media is going mad about this speech and criticizing it but we should be proud and support people like Imran Masood and Akbaruddin Owaisi against murderers like Modi.
Imran Masood spoke from his heart and it shows Muslims want people like Modi to be punished.

Mr Masood said
"I dont do politics just siting at home. I am a man of the street, ready to die or kill for my people and friends. I am not afraid of death."
"I can fight against Modi, I will teach him a lesson. He thinks this is Gujarat. There are only 4% Muslims in Gujarat. There are 35% Muslims here. If he tries to convert our land into Gujarat, then we will chop him into pieces."

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