Saturday, 13 April 2013

Muslim leaders remind Sonia Gandhi about a promise

Bellary: The competition among aspirants for Congress party’s ticket for Bellary city Assembly constituency took a new turn on Fr­iday with Muslims rem­in­­ding Congress president Sonia Gandhi about an assurance made 14 years ago.

“AICC president Sonia Gandhi promised a party ticket to a Muslim candidate from Bellary city Assembly constituency when she contested the Lok Sabha elections from here in 1999, but even after 14 years her promise has not turned into reality.

Therefore, we appeal to her to give the ticket to Hothur Mohammed Iqbal,” prominent members of the community led by former Bellary urban development authority chairman Jaheer Ahmed and former Haj Committee chairman Baba told media persons on Friday.

They said Hothur Darvesh Ahmed was chosen as the Congress candidate from Bellary city in 1999, but the then district Congress leaders K C Kondaiah, Allum Veerabh­ad­ra­ppa and Mundloor Di­wa­kar Babu did not favour his candidature. “Today, Darvesh Ahmed is no more, hence we demand the Congress high command to give the ticket to his brother Moha­m­med Iqbal who is likely to em­erge as the consensus can­didate among ticket as­p­irants”, Jaheer Ahmed added.

Though H Abdul Wahab, elder brother of Mohammed Iqbal has been chosen as the candidate for Hospet-Vijayan­ag­ar constituency, these lea­ders argued that Wa­hab was defeated twice in 1989 and 1994 and therefore could be defeated this year.

The Congress, which was upbeat after regaining power in the city corporation after a decade, seems to be in a fix over selection of a candidate for Bellary (City) constituency. Apart from Hothur Moham­med Iqbal, the other contenders include former min­ister M. Diwakar Ba­bu, Member of Rajya Sab­ha Anil Lad, former Mem­ber of Parlia­ment K.C. Kon­d­aiah, and president of Bellary City district Con­gress committee, J.S. Anjaneyalu.


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