Sunday, 14 April 2013

Rumors of Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram Marriage angering Hindus

Rumors of Miss Universe 1994 Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram marriage is circulating around the media these days. Sushmita Sen is a Bengali Hindu women who has dated Wasim Akram in the past.
 The news of Sushmita Sen's marriage with Pakistani Muslim cricketer is angering and hurting many Hindus in India for obvious reasons. 
There is no doubt that Hindu girls in India go for Muslim men but, a Indian Hindu girl going for a Pakistani Muslim guy is like crossing the red line (crossing the limit) and this could be one of the reasons why Sushmita is reluctant to marry a Pakistani.
Sushmita Sen has denied rumors of marrying Wasim Akram but still its not 100 percent clear.

Marriage between Indian girl and Pakistani guy is something which we also don't approve but  Hindus give their women freedom in excess and then later blame Muslims for it.
This is why we have time and again advised Hindus to control their girls but they seem to be behaving like typical Western people thinking that they have become ultra modern and liberal. But we haven't seen American girls indulging in relationship with enemies of the state. Why Hindu girls ? Seems like they are too mean and just to satisfy themselves.

This is really absurd first Hindus give their girls way too much freedom, let them roam free without any reason and then later cry and blame Muslims but we many times in the past told them to keep their girls under control and teach them some modesty and decency.

The article about Sushmita Sen and Wasim Akram's marriage was posted on Yahoo India and these are some of the comments.
Quote: "There is no compatible guy for her in INDIA? Why all hindus marrying to Muslims? Will become convert divorced and free to marry other. After karina another one"

Quote: "Sushmita your decession is very bad. Because you are planing to marry first offal MUSLIM man secondly Pakistani. Why you did not find any Indian hindu man to marry. As Bengali, Indian we was proud of you. If you marry with muslim pakistani the we will be very shame on you. Pagol to hae jan ni apni . Arakam bhol decesion neber age amader hindu dharmer katha apnar bhab uchit chilo. Your BRAIN IS NOT WORKING ANY MORE. Pls. Don't Marry pakistani and muslim Second hand aged man".

Quote: "Ek Aur "Hindu Ladki " Ko MULLA le kar chal diya........"

 Quote: "Is there a threat of Dawood Ibrahim or such criminal power that forces our (Indian) Hindu film stars to marry Muslims? Susmitha, Don't you find any Hindu masculine enough to be your husband?"

Quote: "Sush U don't have sense for your parents and hinu relative. Don't marry Muslim, Aged , Second hand married man, Pakistani. Many many more richest hindu man having in India. you can marry Hindu man. Don't be muslim. Tumahara khandan 'SEN' Bongsher sanman nasto karo na. - Prasenjit Biswas , KOLKATA"


  1. Ye log modern nahi ban rahe ye hindu apni larkiya chudwa k khus ho rhe hai musalmao se

    1. Aisa nahin hai. Main ek muslim ladki hoon aur college mein mere hindu boy friends the. Unke saath meri sexual relations bhi thi. Mujhe oral sex bahut pasand hai, par mere husband woh na mujhe karne dete na woh karte. Woh mujhe ek baar bhi satisfy nahin kar paaye. Ded saal baad mera divorce ho gaya. Aaj main ek hindu ladke saath apni life bita rahi hoon.

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  3. Muslim Bastards always talk abt sex with hindu women now let me tell you the reality of your muslim women and hindu men.

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  4. These Pakistani people think that marrying Indian girls is a pride for them. They strive to get a Indian girl friend whenever they come to India. Many Indian girls deny Pakistani guys bcoz of the bad name the Pakistan has got and local gully attitude of Pakistani players. May be Akram might have begged for her friendship or might have given false promises. Pakistani players dress code and richness is also not upto Indian players. Some players are playing with old shoes. Our Indian players play with new dress and shoes for every match. I don't know what she will get by marrying that budda. I even doubt that he gets a proper erection or not. Anyhow lets not worry, she knows how Pakistanis are and what is going on in Pakistan daily. Lets she will cut down the relationship and look for a better Indian.

  5. Kuttey, hindu ladkio tere ladki jaisse ghar ki bandha hua kutty nahi hai ....

    Woh asman mein chadti hai plane ki pilot banki, rocket mein jati hai astronaut banke ... ladko ke saath saath duniya ka ladai ladti hai ...

    tere ladki jaisse ghar ki bandha hua showcase doll nahi hai ... ki sab log ke enjoyment kiye rakhi gayi .....

    Aur woh tere jaisse dustbin ko laath bhi lagathi hai !!!!

    Tulog kuttey jaisse bhokte rahe ja ...