Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wrongful arrest of Liaquat shows bias against Muslims

Liaquat Shah was arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly plotting terror attack in the national capital on the eve of Holi festival which is untrue and shows that the Hindu majority government and police is biased against Muslims.

The Kashmir police and Omar Abdullah has already said Liaquat was not plotting any terror attack and was going to surrender before the Deli police.
Moreover Shah was traveling with his family and why would any one bring his wife and children with him on a terrorist mission ? This is a question which the police has not been able to answer and never will be because the police is biased.

It has been seen in the past that the police falsely arrest Muslims and link them to terrorists.
If this carries on like this then the consequences will not be good.

Liaquat Shah should be released from custody as soon as possible and the government should apologize to him and Muslim community for falsely arresting him.


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