Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bangladesh's Jamaat e Islami gets support from West Bengal's Muslim brothers

A mass convention called by 15 prominent Muslim organizations of West Bengal, including the All India Milli Council, All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, West Bengal Sunnat Al Jamat Committee and others was held at Kolkata's Shaheed Minar maidan where they unitedly condemned the ongoing war crimes trial against Jamaat e Islami's leaders and the actions of the Sheikh Hasina government. The protesters termed the Shahbag protests as atheistic and said that anti-Islamic propaganda would not be tolerated at all. They demanded setting Bangladeshi Islamic orator and leader of the Jamaat, Delwar Hossain Sayeedee free after the war crimes tribunal had awarded him death penalty which was totally a false.

The Hindu majority Indian government is supporting Sheikh hasina's actions and is backing the crackdown on Jamaat e Islami leaders much of which is a bias.
It was good to see all prominent Muslim outfits of West Bengal carrying out a mass gathering in support of Jamaat e Islami. Such kind of false propaganda should not be tolerated. The Indian government together with Sheikh Hasina are trying their best to defame Jamaat and Muslims in particular. Their hidden agenda seems to be, to completely destroy the Islamic party Jamaat e Islami. The recent gathering has sent a strong message to the government that Jamaat e Islami is not alone a we stand with them.


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