Monday, 14 January 2013

Sharia law can stop rapes and crimes against women in India

After so many years of independence, the worlds largest constitution (India) is still struggling to create a tough and strict law against rape and other crimes against women.
Sharia law has proven a great deterrent to crimes such as rapes, other crimes against women, drug abuse etc.Sharia law provides security to women. The law has been abstracted from the Quran and absolute manifesto during the period of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was followed during the time of Muhammad (SAW) which was a golden period.
The Sharia law looks into various crimes and based on the seriousness of the crime orders a very severe punishment. Death penalty is given to rapists under this law.

Countries like UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Oman etc.. where Sharia law is strictly followed are among the safest countries for women.
The combined cases of  rape of the five countries above between 2003 to 2010 is only 907 opposed to a shocking figure of 141710 rape cases in India alone.
These Muslim countries are often wrongly criticized by USA, Europe and other non-Muslim countries for suppression of women but the fact is that majority of non-Muslim women feel safer to live in these countries under the shadow of sharia law than living under the law of their own country.
America and Britain are among the top ten countries when it comes to rape against women, these countries couldn't provide protection to their women and they blame these Muslim countries which has proved to be the safest for women with least rape cases and crimes against women.

Under sharia law Women always dress decently / modestly (not like Hindu and Sikh girls in India) in public and does not become a medium to incite or provoke crime. Many countries which have adopted sharia law have a modest dressing code. Such countries have banned drugs, pornography, adult magazines etc..
The bollywood in India is polluting young minds, filling their minds with sexual thoughts which also makes them sexually active at very young age.
Many of the non-adult 15+ movies consists of erotic scenes, dirty dancing and exposing of body which are watched by young kids. It is also giving rise to western culture and encouraging girls to dress to attract men and expose body. Hindu, Sikh, Jain girls are getting encouraged they are copying bollywood actress and their dressing is becoming more provocative (inciting) day by day. Particularly Hindu girls are are becoming more and more indecent day by day which has already been discussed by us in this post

No matter whatever law the Indian constitution passes for rape crimes, the punishment in the best case could only be life imprisonment or death penalty in very rare cases and not more than that but the sharia law can offer far more severe and tougher punishment than that.
In this moment of crisis where the whole nation is craving for a tough and stringent law to stop rape and punish the guilty severely, sharia law is the only solution.


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  2. Why didn't you apply the Sharia law on the rapist prophet Mohammed who had sex with a 9 year old minor? Sharia LOLzzzzzz

  3. Read the Satanic Verses from the Koran, you'll know that Mohammed couldn't even distinguish the call of devil and the divine. Who knows the Koran might be entirely from the devil? Maybe he himself cooked up stuff to prove the world that he was something other than just a cheap pimp. There is no third choice. It could never be from God. God never preaches hatred like you people have inborn and inbred.

  4. Muhammad was a rapist. No wonder his cult thinks it OK to rape others (including their own women).

  5. "Countries like UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Oman etc.. where Sharia law is strictly followed are among the safest countries for women.
    The combined cases of rape of the five countries above between 2003 to 2010 is only 907 opposed to a shocking figure of 141710 rape cases in India alone."

    I am answering to the above words of blogger; 2 reasons:
    1) Because the above countries have slut houses and every one Arab have some many sluts and slaves to fuck at home and they take other non Muslims in their country and keep sexual abuses.. they are sucks and those government kept that news not to come out to media.. thus way there is low as compare with India and those 5 Islamic countries.
    2) sick males who have filled with evil eyes/evil minds will do rapes.. they may be Muslims, Hindus or any other religion.. it is not like that the above 5 Islamic countries don't have sick males, but they enjoy in sult houses and with slaves and made slaves on non Muslims and with money they don't make that news come out if they done rapes..
    3) In said those 5 Islamic Countries-- population is very less as compare with Indian Population..

  6. I totally disagree with the author
    India will never bring sharia law as its a country which believes in total freedom
    sharia law actually puts woman into many restrictions n dis is not how v want woman to be in 21st century
    Laws against rapes needs to be strict but it shouldnt supress women's lifestyle rather d mentality of men needs to be changed
    Indians believe on complete freedom n its a world's largest democracy so bringing sharia law into act is a cmplt crap So forget about it.

    Sharia law suckssssss.......

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