Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Muslims support ban on Kamal Haasans's movie Vishwaroopam

Kamal Haasan's latest movie Vishwaroopam has been declared against Muslims and various Muslim organisations in India support ban on this movie.
Islamic organisations had earlier demanded that the film should be screened to them prior to its release, expressing concern over the depiction of the community in the movie. Haasan had organised a special screening of the movie for them following their demand. After watching the movie various Muslim organisations found out that the movie contains offensive references to the Quran and is targeted towards Muslims.

Various organisations have moved to court against this movie and a necessary action is assured. Such movie should not be shown as it will affect the social harmony. The movie is showing false things about Muslims and such film should not be banned.

"Ever since the movie Bombay, the Muslim community is targeted by the film industry, depicting us as terrorists. The repeated depictions are kindling the sentiments of our people. But we are sensitising them to stage the protest in a democratic manner," Shahul stated.
According to Shahul, the film shows Islam and Muslims as terrorists and that they are fed extremism right from the womb.

Indian Muslims are  taking legal measures to stop the screening by approaching the court and the state headquarters. They have also submitted a petition to the deputy commissioner (L & O), R Thirunavukkarasu in this regard. They have already stated that siege will be their first method to express their agitation and they will continue protesting against the movie.

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  1. Hi Brothers, do not take this issue such a way effect our country. Now other commnities also will come up to make the issues against the scens in the old and up coming movies which effect Hindus and chirstians related. when you compare some of the other movei scens which compare the Hindus and chirstians this may not really a serious issue. and Do not forgot that censor board is already given the permit to release the movie. I dont think Kamalhassan is the personality to heart any commnity purposely. Listen the coment from AmeerKhan and bolly wood muslim actors who born and brought up in India.