Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Song removed from movie David over objections by Muslims

The so called secular India does some or the other thing to hurt sentiments and now this is becoming a habit.  After the movie Vishwaroopam  this was another flim that had something which hurts Muslim sentiments.
After objections raised by Muslims the song was removed by the Hindu director Bejoy Nambiar which is welcomed by the Muslim community and we hope these kinds of things doesn't happen again. We urge the film industry not to test the patience of Muslims. Till now the Indian Muslims have been very democratic and protested peacefully and they should respect this.

Director Bejoy Nambiar has removed the song Ya Hussain from his upcoming film David over allegations that it hurt religious sentiments of Muslims.

The song by Lucky Ali accompanied a sequence in the film which showed a Moharram procession.
"We did not intend to hurt anybody's religious sentiments through this song. I apologise, if in any way it has unintentionally done so. When the issue was brought to our notice we immediately addressed it," Nambiar said in a statement to PTI.

Recently representatives of the Muslim community raised objections to the portion of the film where the song has been used, after watching it.

"They came and saw the clip, after which we had a very long discussion pursuant to which the necessary and desired changes were made. The Central Board of Film Certification too has seen the film with the incorporated cuts and passed it with a U/A certificate. We hope our creative endeavour would be appreciated in the right spirit," Nambiar said



  1. Hindu bharvo sudhar jao

  2. First they do it then simply say sorry and get away. They need to be punished