Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ayesha Takia defends father-in-law Abu Azmi over comment on women

 Ayesha Takia famous Hindu actress fell in love with Muslim boy named Farhan Azmi and married her. Farhan Azmi is the son of politician Abu Azmi.
Due to growing number of rape cases in India Abu Azmi made some statements in the media that, Western culture had ruined Indian culture and is responsible for the increasing atrocities on women. Azmi had also said that women should be refrained from wearing short clothes and moving about late in the night. Having boyfriends and girlfriends has become a fashion.

Azmi's statements were correct as you can see majority of Hindu and Sikh girls these days are wearing indecent clothes and trying to attract men. Azmi was basically pointing towards Hindu girls and rightly so.
 He couldn't have just pointed out women from particular religious community on national television for obvious reasons so he used the term women.
Indian Muslim Post had also previously emphasized on growing indecent dressing among Hindu girls which you can view here

Coming to his defence, Ayesha Takia tweeted, "My father-in-law is the head of our family, we all love and respect him a lot. I have my own mindset which doesn't have to match with everyone even when it's some one I care for, love and respect deeply."

The influence of great Muslim family values and culture is clearly visible in Ayesha Takia as she defends her father in law. She is not the same indecent Hindu girl as we used to see in bollywood before her marriage and she has even stopped acting in bollywood movies.


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